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Don't worry fair Dot ,

I'll never tell

I'm sure that's probably

just as well .

I think I broke Moe ,

he's runded away .

I wouldn't of hurt him ,

not much, any-way....

Moe , it's O.K. Kismit isn't evil , honest .original.gif

Edited by Kismit
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oh , the wonderful world of MODS

in the world of UM they are like gods

no one has the guts to call them frauds

or they will be banned like peas in pods

One is named mentalcase

a nice guy but has a second face

talks to himself in the chatroom place

sprayed his other with a can of mace

But MC MC has mad freestyle skill

keepin it real he just likes to chill

Then there is Magikman

avatar the tazmanian

hes a funky homosapien

an entertainer of children

always anonymous

highly atonomous

has saved Moe from being embarassed

aother is kismit

this cutey is the shiznit

uses her powers

to make flower showers (?)

even tho

she didnt vote for Moe

he still loves her so

yo yo yo yo

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ode to calc...

this math is very mean,

it makes little sense you see,

but the basis of math is logic,

its so frustrating to me!

calculus is such a pain,

it makes me very sick,

if calc were a person id tell him to,

suck on my big fat hairy.........toe...

dirty minded people...

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The Daughter of Nine Moons takes long to type

so we call her Dot this name is really hype

The folks at UM all love her alot

She is groovy and sweet this one who's called Dot.

shes a very good girl who never smokes pot

writes many haikus that are very deep in thought

isnt like Tupac, shes never been shot

Moes keeps close the many lesson's shes taught

one day she tore up some seats at a concert

like a true Clash fan Dot moshed and didnt get hurt

cuz her dotness kept her awake and ever on alert

cuz she be a magnet for crazy men who try to flirt

Dot held a picnic and invited all her buds

everyone showed up , honeys and studs

Moe brought a monkey

who tried to get funky

got it on with a chimpazee

next to universal absurdity

but then the monkey dropped a huge banana peel

Dot stepped on it then tripped on her heel

then She stumbled to the ground with a big giant squeal

Dot faked a smile to keep it all real

then the monkey tried to swoon dot

but Dot had a gun and the monkey got shot.

"you shot my monkey ! cried Mister Moe

but Dot spilled her tea from laughing so

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there was a mad cleric

who went by the name

of Moe Eublek

some called him trickster

and dismissed him as fluff

they learned the truth

learned it not soon enough

his sig lets out a sirens call

foolish & unwary

he'll catch them all

Moe has an identity

secret agent- no name

some say his insanity is hereditary

I really don't know

you must ask his brother Peggy

In the Ocelot War

wether friend or foe

You knew the score

Twas the fight for the Land of MOE

Master of third personness

of Moe's power's I'm awestruck

this I must confess!

Edited by Daughter of the Nine Moons
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mish mash mosh,

pish pash posh,

i ate the bug,

and puked on the rug,

squish squash squosh

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Tom Tom the piper's son

stole a pig an away did run

but the pig escaped

and Tom was raped

at the point of a 50 cal. gun

Edited by moe eubleck
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heh heh...limericks...

there once was a man named dave,

who lived with a dead whore in a cave,

she was missing one t**,

and smelled like sh**,

but think of the money he saved

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georgie porgie pudding and pie

kissed the girls and made them cry

got his girls from having big pecs

but never practiced having safe sex

georgie porgie pudding and pie

got VD and started to die

remember boys to wrap the flap

or be prepared to get the clap

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last night the MODS were FCC,

cuz Moe smoked too much THC

scraped the bowl and found some black

made Moe have a heart attack

starting trippin on some suspicions

that every one was out getin him

every passing car was a cop

so moe done cleaned up with his mop

scared of being UM blacklisted

cleaned so hard Moe went limp wristed

like he be jackin double fisted

started scrubbin

cleaned the oven

hearing footsteps all above him

like an ocean

was this Moe's motion

oganized his wifes skin lotion

Dot and Jan messed with my emotions

the spice rack now be color coded

Mrs. Moe likes when I am loaded

Edited by moe eubleck
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up all nite awaiting,

the arrival of one of my girls.

that i talk to when online,

when so bored i could hurl.

one of which, u know of,

for i speak of her all the time

the other u know more closely,

for she speaks in here, in rhyme.

if one of these 2 girls is on,

i can be happy the whole while im on,

but neither of them are right now,

and thats why i wrote this song

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dear Tendo, i am very sorry

that you were alone on a night so starry

I wasnt online but you know i would

have been here for ya if I could

or chillin out at your house or mine

but alas, there were customers in line

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CAD report is due today,

i have not a thing to show.

not many do, i am afraid,

was an impossible task ill have u know!

i dont know how the other's did it,

i found a company to write about,

but the link stopped working suddenly,

and now im left to pout. sad.gif

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Guest Lottie

Tendo this is not good

put those pouty lips away

there must be more than one company

that will pass your way.

And if theres not, do not frown

frowning is not good either

you will be like a clown.

A smile is good, a smile a day

will make you feel happy, alive and

pray let me know how the CAD went

otherwise my words are uselessly spent.

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i got a zero im afraid,

but he gave me one more day,

as i explained my case,

and he knows my working ways.

i wrote one on a phony comp'ny,

he said he didnt want me to,

but since i dont have another one,

its all that i can do.

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for Lady Lottie :

there was once a lovely lady named lottie

who struted the runways cuz she was a hottie

her accent was royalty

influenced mad loyalty

spoke much like a queen

sweetly and quite serene

like a melodical music theme

like a cat in a sun beam

but things werent always as they seem

one day lottie made a fraudulant scheme

added some mayonaise to the facial cream

apllied it to the evil model , Rasheem

Rasheem got all oily

her face got all boily

Rasheem cried out in shock

it was her turn on the cat walk

When she entered she fell on her sock

cuz Lottie had filled them with volcanic rock

then sabotaged her lady's frock

soaked them in stinky beef stock

at this the crowd began to mock

and Rasheem then had a mental block

even though it may or may not not be true

be nice to Lottie - cuz she knows kung -fu

name her your queen and honour her glory

or be in Dr. Seuss's next story.

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Guest Lottie

laugh.giflaugh.gif Moe I love your poem Thankyou. You have made my day!! xx wub.gif

Near a forest in the West

There lives a man called Moe

He writes all day in the sun

and everywhere he goes.

His tales of dragons, beasts and Moes

are wonderful to the imagination

That Lottie thinks Moe has an incredible gift

And cannot wait for his next creation.

Dr. Suess beware beware cause you have competion

from the mighty Moe he has no fear

he fight the monsters often.

Green Eggs and Ham is what Moe needs

so Lottie makes a tasty treat

Sam I am, Sam I am not

but the eggs ar great and the ham is hot.

One day it will be that the imagination will unfold

Onto paper and print and books will be sold

and never forget the man called Moe he sits in sun

and writes forever brave and bold.

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if i had time

I'd eat swine

but i can't die


Random words pf emotional vampire goodness tongue.gif

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A long long time ago

as all you folks should know

uncle noah built himself an ark

but one day a stranger

like a dog in manger

stowed away on the ark

straight from a trailer park

disguised as a whale shark

said the gospel according to mark

his name was Moe

he was no John Doe

he put on a strip show

dressed as a deutch ho

stroked Noah's big toe

fondled some bread dough

tugged on his beard and then made a free throw

then Noah grabbed his boa

from the subkingdom parazoa

in the island of western samoa

he usually played with a goat

took to a dark spot on the boat

liked the taste of its fur coat

came away with a raw throat

but Moe was a secret agent under cover

this is what Noah was soon to discover

when Moe made his bust

Noah was full of lust

smoked a bag of angel dust

started getting on his thrust

caught Noah in the stables

dancing nude on the tables

pulling on horses cables

like a freak from aesop's fables

so Moe pulled his mace

and started a long chase

Noah ran all over the place

like a strung out rat race

moe swung with grace

cought Noah in the face

fell over his shoe lace

now Noah has a neck brace

serving 10 years for disgrace

laughed at by peachers

for shagging barn creatures

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A quatrain I will right

Four lines of meaning it is.

They are simple, and can be in different forms.

I'm done, and this is finished

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baa baa black sheep


how I wonder what you are

one for my master


like a diamond

who lives down the lane

now I know my


how I wonder what you are

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Dirty donkey eats pie

Has a hammer in his eye

And now I'll sing a lullaby

For a hidey howdy hi.

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