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Marrijuana Marrijuana

Lsd Lsd

betty crocker makes it

bill clinton takes it

why cant we

why cant we!

<---rhymes to the tune of brother john or frarashoka frarashoka door may vu

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tired but dont want to sleep

thoughts in my head are running too deep

tho i have to wake early in the morn

i look at the clock with expressions of scorn

im quite worn out from the sun and work

its enuff to make me go beserk

yet here i continue to sit

and the keyboard letters continue to hit

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Guest Lottie

Wakey wakey rise and shine

fuzzy eyes and how the sun shines.

The glare the glare is too bright for me

I need to put on some sunglasses

and drink warm tea.

And then go paddling by the bay

a hop and a scotch and I am miles away

Looking out at the sea and drinking my tea

is indeed very very good for me.

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there was once a snuffy

who was quite puffy

at times he was scruffy

but never stuffy

snuffypuffer was a keyboard buffer

as an author he was no duffer

at times he wished his will was tougher

like a hardened animal hooditty stuffer

snuffy was skilled with his flirtations

master of relation orchestrations

had many creative aspirations

due to lack of medications

his presentations had variations

fluctuating associations

inovative accusations

in his many many conversations

cant pin the tail on this donkey

an ocean is the awesome honky

master of upitty annoyingness

the word aint even in the thesaurus

one day the donkey rode to town

in a jazzy groovy wedding gown

all the folks did stare him down

for the gown was loose and torn and brown

they laughed and then began to clown

using many a wicked describing noun

but this donkey had a hidden power

learned from drinking whisky sour

stood upon the church bell tower

and flipped the birdie every hour

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Once in a land over the rainbow

There lived a brave soldier,

A dreamer, A Moe.

He ran and ran till he broke his toe

But this did not phase him

His pace was not slow.

Indeed there was no stopping

No quitting, just go

And there he went to the great castle

Gave the king there a mighty hassle

To get his hat with the groovy tassle

And get some sliders from the place called White Castle

And now I've run out of rhymes

I do it all the time

But Moe's verse was so sublime

I'd give him a tequila and lime.

From the Ben Franklin Five and Dime

There's many more mountains to climb


Baby yeah!

Checkers yeah!

Monopoly yeah!

Crackers yeah!

Chutes and Ladders yeah!

Hi Ho Cherry-O yeah!

Hungry Hungry Hippos yeah!

Canasta yeah!

Oh yeah!

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wow someone was hyper. How long did it take to think of that one, snuffy?

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i wrote so many senryus,

and tankas there wre five,

but me, in a rush, headed out the door,

without those which i designed.


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to and fro

poor tendo

always on the go

racing out the door

thinking "I forgot something...I know"

gets to school, gets to class

when he remembers he says "doh!"

Edited by Daughter of the Nine Moons
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Snuffy, mighty Snuffy.

Do not impress upon me thy brocolli

I shall have none of this leafy goodness

for my lungs are not yet cancerous

I do heed thy breath young monkey

You are furry and gleeful and spunky.

Although thy hammer is heavy.

This commentary is solely the opinion of Snuffy and in no way represents the broader community or administrators of the UM forum.

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dot u are so funny!

u make me laugh, hunny.

tho i dont have the same problem as thee,

as i can sit here, AND drink my tea...wink2.gif

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tis a dangerous thing.....

drinking tea

with dot

or any liquid

that is hot.

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for Janiel:

There once was a young lad named Janiel

hair like an unkempt cocker spaniel

as sweet as a fallen sugar granule

lost his only owners manual

walked the earth saying "lucky you "

beneath the sarcasm a hidden blue

cuz he is rubber and you are glue

his posts are always quite taboo

his avatar is made from anime

his sig the truth it does convey

Jan's the man Moe wont betray

he knows Jan jacked Santa's sleigh

now christmas cheer wont come this year

Jan poisoned Santa's favorite deer

put crack in a trough of beer

revenge of the software engineer

Janiel the christmas mutineer

then Jan got the urge to behead

found the man in his suit of red

looked at Jan with fear and dread

ran and hid beneath his bead

outside the reindeer started dropping dead

" now give me all the gifts ! " Jan said

took an axe and started chopping

screaming " HO HO HO !!" while hacking and hopping

Santa took 10 blows before dropping

then Janiel departed without even mopping

so let this be a lesson to all

never ever steal his baseball

or interupt an important phone call

or mock his groove in a dancing hall

cuz beneath his innocence hides Darth Maul

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Moe is currently working on a new dot-o-matic

it shall be groovy and very pragmatic

you shall be next tendo do not fret

the Moe has no hate for you yet

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here is the second installment of Dot

yes , moe is writing it right on the spot

to show the funk and the groove that he brought

when it comes to ryhmes this Moe is the SWAT

so gather yall round whilst he makes this bank shot

the Dotty shot a monkey

for being too spunky

he thought he was hunky

but was actually chunky

Dot hated to admit

that she liked killing it

so she agreed to a hit

and to this did commit

She strapped on her 45

Dotty never felt so alive

submissive to an inner drive

the only way to survive

left suburbia far behind

searching for her peace of mind

soul needed to be realigned

now a vgilante for humnan kind

she walks softly but carries a big gun

yet still as sweet as a cinnamon bun

she's strong, can lift a metric ton

this was how she halted a bank run

His name was Captain Bob

this bank is what he was trying to rob

wanted the money for a better nose job

like micheal jackson singing Les miserables

But Dot used her super strength

Bob was standing at her arms length

a right hook bled his upper lip

but bob pulled out his captains whip

Then Dot like in a comic strip

dodged with a double twirling back flip

shin kicked Bob in the lower hip

bob cried " yip yip yip yip yip !! "

Captain Bob then fled the scene

but first Dot kicked him in his spleen

Bob turned a darkerst shade of green

then ran untill he was unseen

Dot VS. Bob was an epic battle

but not like when she fought the space cattle

but Moe doesnt want to prattle

this is for another dot-o-matic to tattle

( moe does not know how this evolved into super Dot. forgive us)

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I've become a super Dot?

When I read that it was with shock.

How cool is that? How very groovy!

Moe have I told you that you rock!

Edited by Daughter of the Nine Moons
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A poem i am writing

and i tried to mack it frighning.

But frightining it is not,

for i was too busy reading the poem about dot.

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hooray for super dot,

and her creater MOE,

and since i cant think of n e thing,

now im gonna go

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The borrow poem

If the world tomorrow should end

my new tv i shall not lend

if a nuke falls from the sky

i will not lend to you a pie

if all hell breaks loose tommorow

my good ink pen you shal not borrow

but its not becuse the world will end

its because my stuff won't come back again

to all you SOB's who never return anythin


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your face reminds me of a lovely spring day,

your skin so soft, of silk.

your lips so sweet, of vanilla extract,

your teeth, as white as milk,

i feel your breath upon my neck,

my hairs raise up on end,

i turn to u and whisper softly,

'did u eat sumthing that was dead?'

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For tendo ( yes its here at last wink2.gif )

lemme tell you all about a dude named Tendo

cried to Moe to make a moem with some innuendo

wackin on his wookie like the great Han Solo

a video game reference! what you thinkin bout ? hell no !

prefers to play nintendos has a true gamers heart

up up , down down , left right, left right , B, A, select start

tendos scores are everytime flyin off the score chart

owning all his enemies untill they want to depart

but one day the tendo came across the man Osama

looking like a circus freak and riding on a llama

laughin at americans and stirring up some drama

pointed at the tendo , started talkin 'bout his mama

so tendo challenged osama to a game of street fighter

beat him up with ryu and pulled out his cig lighter

slyly started setting osamas turban on fire

started blazin up in great orange spire

Osama started running when this did occur

followed was the smell of burning yaks fur

this was not a scent or scene that tendo did prefer

but he was stoked cuz of this mighty threat he did deter

so props goes to the tnedo dude

this is how osama got screwed

no who one ever called it rude

for the way the tendo solved his feud

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