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Dot poem is a gift to read

It make many happy indeed

She almost mention everyone

Even Kismit, though shes not fun

She calls me a rock, i laugh back at her

Dont spread rumours or Ill be flattered

So from me today you wont here a peep

As long as you get some god damn sleep....

Edited by Subtemperate
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Here I sit brokenhearted

Cause I ate some beans and then I farted

I heard this rhyme somewhere I know

Perhaps it was Edgar Allen Poe

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beans beans are good for your heart

the more you eat the more you fart

beans for breakfast is a jazzy start

spread them refried upon a pop tart

release your gas inside a walmart

while riding shotgun in a shopping cart

it wil make the people dart

thier fear off your cloud goes of the chart

Edited by moe eubleck
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no one answered my riddle?

why why is that too nibble?

Why why Can't anyone see

the resemblance with reality?

singular representation

of things in my imagination

A distortion if you may

of what i see every day.

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I wish I were the King of France

Captain America or Wonderpants.

Then I'd be Lord of the Dance

But a night with your sister will do.

My groove is lovely it's a keeper

I'll put your daddy in a sleeper

I got all my people on my beeper

But a nice fresh cob salad will do.

UM buddies they do rock

Moe converses deeply with his sock

I kiss and giggle with the Dot

For Janiel, a big jug of Pepsi will do.

Subby he flirts as much as me

Beat Kismit in a Down Under Spelling Bee

But I like to play freeze tag with the Kiwi cutie

A bag of Doritos will do.

Bob the Cheat oh she makes me smile

She'll be breaking hearts in a little short while.

Tendo and Mario on the fm dial

But a man named Susannah will do.

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This might suck...

Drowning here at the bottom of the world

Swimming is for suckers, floaties are for nerds

Cant live in a paddock, id be something that was hurled

Plus I am no cattle, because I do not fit in herds

I rot away inside like a michael jackson song

Wondering if i'll hit, or if i'll fail badly

I dont get the feeling I am meant to be here long

But should I be taking this news so gladly

Locked in my cell looking into nothingness

Depression doesnt even cut it

Every day feeling less and less

Like I am going to be able to get through it

The only breath that gives me life

Is from a gust so far away

Every time i feel In strife

They manage to blow it past torquay

But how long can you live on a slight breeze

Of something you long to be with eternally

I get down on my bed on hands and knees

And pray that this works out for me.... internally.

The voice in my head wont go away forever

He is waiting for me to crack under pressure

I might be rock, I might be nice and clever

But I am something that I cannot take, not at my own leisure

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da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

I heard a song

On the radio

Didn't like it

It was stupid

'Bout some waitress

In a diner

Looking at some

dude in the window

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

And the singer

She was talking

And there was this

Insipid chorus

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

I lost brain cells

Made me stupid

Now I like Nascar

Grew a mullet

Stupid song is

Stuck in my head now

Stab it out please

Bathroom ninja

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

da da da da

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Funk Master Moe Flow

went to donkeys groovy show

had a great time although

shoudlnt have sat in the front row

went home and changed hs clothes

why they were wet , only donkey knows

this information we dont wish to suppose

as we wash much goo off with our hose

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I went to see the donkey show too

I also got covered in this yucky goo

I really dont know what i should do

I hope that donkey had the flu

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Dot on Dot II

Evil Dot has come to play,

Cause Halloween’s a day a way.

She’s a mean and evil one,

Who enjoys her life of evil fun.

Today while shopping at the mall,

It was security they had to call.

It all started innocently enough,

When she tried to pay for her stuff.

In the checkout got pushed from behind,

That’s when evil Dot lost her mind.

As Moe had once noted.

This next line I have quoted:

“So her third eye started blinking

Her sanity started sinking”

She punched the cashier in the nose

And stepped upon old ladies toes.

She stomped off in an angry huff,

Never pausing to pay for her stuff.

To Starbuck’s she went to get a latte

That’s when Dot started being naughty.

She knocked ten tables on the floor

Then she flew to the bookstore

“What” she cried! “ No Desnos, no Nin!”

That’s when her head began to spin.

She threw books at a stranger’s head

And stole some books she never read.

She then started to scream and shout.

Then security had to take her out.

Oh very wily is this evil Dot

She vandalized cars in the parking lot.

That’s when it started to rain

And put a stop to her sinking brain.

With her sanity restored

Evil Dot got quite bored,

Although she goes away for a while,

She’ll be back you can see it in Dot’s smile.


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Everytime I go outside

I find a place where I can hide

Underneath a tree somewhere

behind my neighbours underwear

even in a shopping cart

Id try it in a custard tart

If i hid inside a car

I dont think i would get far

well unless someone drove it away

and where id go i couldnt say

But maybe id enjoy the ride

If I decided not to hide

they say monkey see, monkey do

Have you ever tasted monkey glue?

It kind of taste like otter pie

or toad in the hole, complete with fly

Im sure it isnt like raw sheeps brain

or turtle shells in a lions mane

I will have to try this one day soon

If they will ever let me back in that zoo....

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Chicago is the city where I was born.

It is in the Midwest where we grow corn.

The weather can get really cold or really hot.

And from the Sears Tower, a person can look like a tiny dot.

Our sports teams are the Bulls, Bears, Sox and Cubs.

For transportation, you can take the train, the bus or the sub.


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cambras the city where i was raised,

its a boring town all nite and all day.

the weather is nice, in the spring, summer and fall,

and from baker hill the stars u can see fall,

i hate sports, tho nintendo is nifty,

the population is round about 50.

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Melbourne is the city of which Im born and bread

A beautiful place to live, a lovely place to have your bed

The weather it can range from very chilly to real hot

In winter you wont freeze, but in summer youll sweat alot

The food is very nice, from a lot of ranging places

Everywhere you go you see lots of different faces

A multicultural city with lots to do and see

I wouldn't change this place except Id bring someone to me

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The ghosts and gobblins are here in Lafayette

Though I chose to ignore them, I suffer greatly

The walls and black boxes cry out! For we are friends

And that's when I know I am done for!

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look, its a clue !

blue skidoo ,

we can too.

green stripey Moe is after you

you cannot run

from green stripey fun

we smile at a nun

skidoo on the sun

we skidoo to the moon

our first clue a balloon

by now is high noon

better drink coffee soon

Moe skidoos to da hood

second clue a baked good

we are knocking on wood

gangsters here said we should

but they dont like green stripey Moe

we think maybe its time to go

we need our third clue tho yo yo yo

so we sick them on the new host Joe

they tie Joe up with lots of rope

use sharpened pliers and start to grope

idiot Joe is too smiley to mope

or maybe smiling helps him cope

triangle Joe doesnt have any hope

we skidoo to a Joe's dead party

looks like a new orleans nakee marti

found our third clue this was jazzy and hearty

green stripey Moe is really a smarty

look kids, we just found our third clue !

green stripey Moe has a thinking chair too !

we sit in the chair thinking what we can do !

a balloon , a baked good and a stripper in a moo moo

we just fingured out Moe's Clues !!

we dance a jig at this wholesome news !

Misty wants to sing the blues

with lots af ballons and colors to choose

while strippers jump out of cakes in moo-moos !

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written while bored out of my mind

Hey diddle diddle

I need to piddle

I'm stuck in a jury room

The clock runs slow

Oh don't you know,

This be the fate of Nine Moons

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Sitting on my angry chair

Wet my lips and comb my hair

She walks in and I just stare

Legs are shapely and they're bare.

Peas, peas, then I sneeze.

See my tantrum?

Man has fleas

Grumpy stumpy lumpy loo

I got nothing better to do

So there.

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sitting on an angry yak

fuzzy warmth we pet her back

she walks north and we just stare

legs are furry , no not bare

toke toke then I choke

climb you devil

with beef we poke

hey hoot hoot hey

hoot hoot hey

come lets play


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  • 2 weeks later...

i am sick of play rehersal

its monotonous and very dull

not to mention boring

the little kids are so annoying

they swarm all over tendo and me

even tho we're boring as can be

trying to do homework or sleep

but quiet, those chillins cant keep.

but being on tech crew rocks

never worrying about cues or clocks

set up tear down, go home

talk to the light crew on the phone.

This is the daily rotouine

since our plays have only one scene tongue.gif

The director is a huge old cow

who wants everything this second, now!

she has no consideration for any others

thinks she's the center of the universe.

was supposed to retire, but lied as usual

shes the most vile "teacher" in the school.

But there's a bright ending to this tale of woe:

the first performance is tomorrow!

no more rehersals that last all night

(and no more whining about my plight)

after sunday its all done

this play, anyway, but there's another one

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yes it stinx, those kids do suck,

there are a few whom with i can deal,

like lucas and coty, and annie (she bites)

and dont forget nelly, she can do a cartwheel.

tho theyre so loud,

100 yards down,

u can still hear the moo,

of the great ego cow.

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In my hands i did hold

Something better than pure gold

and shinier too;

Metroid Prime 2!

From EB I bought

the game and with it got

a free Samus shirt

I was so happy it hurt!

But alas i cannot play

for it has been hidden away

until christmas morn

when the wrapping can be torn.

then i can play for hours

neglecting sleep,food and showers.

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tendo's been denied

this, he cannot hide

but lets just hope

he doesnt get the pope

for not getting his 'prime'

would be a great crime

on this upcomming christmas...

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You have ressurected this thread

Moe had begun to think it dead

like fuzzy road kill , freshly blead

body laying beside its head

in gathering pool of noxious red

mind the cheese log ....

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