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tis Conan the barbarian.

hes the governor, not a librarian

comes off authoritarian

I bet hes a vegetarian

Bush races the one legged

vocabulary second graded

Iraq he done raided

muslims they got degraded

We shake it with yaks

we make groovy tracks

yo , pies are our snacks

bearded wound by an axe

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tis Conan the barbarian.

haha i just watched that movie yesterday.... its horrible

yo , pies are our snacks

bearded wound by an axe


dirty moe....

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Of Beachnut and Bob

There's a girl I know called The Cheat

I speak to her at times she really is sweet.

She said to me, "Dotty dear I really must go

If Tendo comes online, poke him for me...you know."

To the cheat I said, "With pleasure my dear.

I will not fail you, of this have no fear."

So I waited and waited and waited some more

Puffythaboy came online and finally so did Tendo.

We chatted & played Bloody Penguin

Snuffs is addicted, it will be his ruin.

I forgot. This happens. I had a Dot moment.

Then suddenly to my amazement

tendo spoke up and said, "where is The Cheat?

Did you see her Dot? It was her I came on to meet"

<insert curse words here>

"Holy crap! I forgot!" I cried.

"Poke! She said Poke!"

"Is that all she said" asked Tendo?"...Poke"

"what kind of poke" (How the heck am I supposed to know)

(Bob I have creative liscence here...so pfft!)

I thought and I thought. Then I thought a bit more.

"Poke you hard. Poke you with a sharp pointy stick. Poke till you fall.

For a moment my screen stayed blank....then I saw ohmy.gif

"She...said that?" The words flashed across my screen.

What have I done? Oh no tendo, no.

It was not TC who said that. It was me don't you know.

Bob is a good girl, wholesome and sweet

(need a rhyme here) Kinda like the kinetic theory of heat

So now I finish my fluffy ode to The Cheat.

Spend your five dollars wisely.

I will leave you to do your own poking Beachnut and Bob.


Edited by Daughter of the Nine Moons
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haha yay!

that was great DOT, and thanks for pokin him for me, sharp stick or not

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Ode to Rap

I wish I had some drums,

Or a synthesizer

To steal all these words

And become a rappin’izer.

Give me a black bandana

Or a car in the color of banana

I’d wear gold chains for clothing

And have a gold tooth for showing.

It don’t take much talent, as you can see

To learn how to rap, or hip hop or pee (hey, it rhymed)

Just add some drums, or better yet

Remake an old song and call it a celebrity.

I’ll hang my pants low, right on my rump

Hey, it might make it easier to take a dump!

Lots of money for no talent, it’s easy to do.

Millions of dollars, and my music sounds like poo.

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I wish i could whine like an emo punk band

and have lots of piercings with skateboard in hand

our lyrics sound like we are speaking in tongues

like a cat in heat , at the top of our lungs

or we could go gothic and dress all in black

cuz we are still mad at daddy for touching our sack

paint our face white to look like a vampire

problem is, not even Mcdonalds will hire

or maybe we can go country instead

trade in our docs for rodeo tread

knee stomp and square dance

in our skin tight blue pants

have a pinto on blocks

drink jack daniels on rocks

or we can play jazz yo

cuz Kenny G has an afro

or we can make rave techno

knock up 13 year old bimbos

no need to thank us, no

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laugh.gif Moe
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Red Riding Hood

Red riding hood was really no good

all that she thought of was food, food, food

She ate and made merry whenever she could

and didn't even take a walk in the wood

All this gluttony made her so plump

that she came to be known as the big fat lump

When Wolfie saw her, he said:Yo mama so fat!

How can I lay hands on this well fed brat?

The sight of her made him drool and pant

and all other food tasted like the bitter gourd plant

This mad craving he could not bear

she was one wholesome meal he didn't wanna share

He couldn't wait a moment longer

so, around grandma's house he began to wander

but there was no grandma and there was no food

and he thought he'll wait there as long as he could

Of her there was but no sign

and wolfie's stomach began to whine

Time went by but she came along

and seemed to be hiding something quite long

She showed it to him with a lot of glee

It made bad wolfie want to flee

It was the big long butcher's knife

and wolfie thought to himself: boy! what a life

Edited by Bone_Collector
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hansel and gretel

There was once an old woman with a house built of sweets

but kids kept eating it, so she started using thier meats

she replaced the walls of bread and cakes

with a ghaslty concoction of rib bones and steaks

a candy cane fence that once lined the yard

was now made of leg bones, rotten and charred

the cherry topped long halls

were now topped with eyeballs

on the brown lawn , a sign made of white sheet metal

read " here marks the grave of Hansel and Gretel"

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A froggy Queen I've become,

Eating flies yum, yum, yum.

Silliness sets me free

I can be a bumble bee

Lazily from flowers I'd flit

Until I grew tired of it

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hansel and gretel

That my friend, was a MasterPiece!!! laugh.gif

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  • 1 month later...

against the bell i race,

running down the hall.

untied has come my lace;

i trip and start to fall.

still running, send my face

straight into the wall.

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have at thee foul yak!

this yak Jack will smack

cuz turned Jack his back

the yak stole his crack

out of a black sack

Jack made his attack

and the yak he did smack

with a 40 pound tac

You see, Jack was a quack

some called him a hack

teeth covered in plaque

ate much cheese n mac

lived in a wack shack

in the heated outback

But we blame the crack

It put Jack off track

now he thinks hes 2-pac


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  • 3 months later...

Follow the leader

Through the ruins we play

I lead you in circles

You lead me astray

Green bubbles surround you

And try as I might

I can't catch you

You're too far out of sight

Quickly I run

Looking high and low

If I catch you

Those bubbles will go!

All of a sudden

Very quiet it's got

Don't know where to go

'cause...I'm a lost Dot

Danger surrounds me

There are traps over head

Rescue me quickly

I don't wanna be dead.

"I'll be your hero"

I hear you say

"Don't move an inch

I'm on my way"

My Dotty senses tingle

I look all around

The Dark has spawned-

And dangers abound

Ready though I am

To fight them all

I fear in these ruins

The Dotness will fall

As I prepare to take my final stand

Through the doorway you burst

We spring into action

We kill the accursed

Then standing amidst

The bloodstained ground

With our enemies dead

I look all around

With a big grin on my face

And to my great delight

I have healed you

No green bubbles in sight

"No! No! No!"

I hear you say

"I liked my bubbles!

Why'd you take them away?"

Um...I win tongue.gif

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thru dangers untold we follow the Dot

thru the wrong door, goes the bouncing topknot

the area map unchecked, we ponder this thought

we wonder whats in the canadian pot

So Moe tags right along

hits the traps, sings a song

green bubbles in his thong

wont survive very long

bubbles are pretty so Moe wants to keep them

even tho its taxing to Moe's precious brain stem

Dots come along and heals Moes poisoned gem

at this Moe pouts , raises fists in condemn

But when Dot finds the right way

monsters she does slay

blasting with her holy ray

blood and guts how they do spray

this makes Moe's heart sway

with her canadian accent

shes says "bugger" in discontent

plays "rappys holiday" the event

no one else knows what this meant

um... Moe wins grin2.gif

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  • 3 months later...

Chump the Glump sat on a lumpy stump croaking "bumpbumpbump"

*bows prettily*

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Are you sure chump was a glump

To me he sounds more like toad

Why did chump grow a big hump

When all he did was carry a big load

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iac tracker listen here,

to me the truth is very clear

I know this glump

his name is Chump

tis a cruel thing to goad

he has feelings, he's not a toad.

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Dot, you sure are good at this rhyming

me personally, I think it's about the timing

and I know this chump, trust me he is a toad

today he was swimming in my commode!

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