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Dream Symbols

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either you shoulda been more patient before removing all the videos, or i shoulda been here some days ago? since i can't even remember what i had for breakfast i'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

i woulda watched that video and thanks for the heads up, as it 'coincides' with some other stuff i'm working through recently, i had a glance at your content since your profile reveals you've made 13 posts, your 'joined' date (excuse me while i giggle for a sec) you didn't complete the 'optional' informative fields, komrade, thus i don't know your age, rank and serial number, eh? and therefore i'm unable to put a label on you and box you in, and that terrorizes me (get it? 'coz we afraid of the unknown? more giggling) uhh, as i was saying, i wanted to see more of where you were at before i composed an off the cuff response.. well, i'm all over the place these days, i'll give you that, but if you can pierce (how i wish i had $3.50 for every time i've said that) what i've said you will see the invasive state of the way of things (the system and system thinking described above) you can start to appreciate the way information can be securely encoded into [a symbol] ..ahah! ahah! a lightbulb's going off in your head i can see (imitates brad pitts character in 12 monkeys)


may a thousand golden eagles soar above you, but never poop on your head

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