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Keel M.

I watch this show every now and then on Animal Planet (US) and was wondering if anyone else watches it. For those who don't know what it's about, it's a reality show about a pair of brothers-in-law who own a shop in Vegas that will build any kind of aquarium you can dream of. I've seen the end of one episode where they turned a refrigerator into an aquarium, complete with replica of items you'd find in a fridge - ketchup, gallon of milk, mayonaise, etc. - and also a working water dispenser. Was very cool. :tsu: Yesterday I saw an episode where they made tanks for two different casinos. The first one was a 35 foot tank that was meant to be a wall dividing the gaming floor and a restaurant. Of course all of the decorations inside, besides the typical coral stuff, were casino items: a roulette wheel, cards depicting all of the winning hands in poker, etc. The other tank was for an ice bar called Minus 5. Everything in the bar is made from ice (you're even given a fur coat to wear while enjoying your drinks) so they created an aquarium that they put only jellyfish in and surrounded it with ice carvings.

Sooooooo any other viewers?

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