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Still Waters

Dancing with wolves: The 10-year-old girl

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Still Waters
Meet the ten-year-old school girl who really does dance with wolves in a locked cage.

Jumping gamely into the steel cage clad only in army fatigues the young girl was happy to kiss, cuddle and feed the two-year-old predatory beasts like they were domestic puppy dogs.

The stunt, arranged by the girl's animal trainer father, Zhu Yongsheng has caused a storm of controversy in China.


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I'm more concerned about the way the wolves are being treated.

The area they are in looks horrible. I know they have "tougher" feet than your average pet dog. But that can't be nice living in that conditions all the time and I don't know enough on the way wolves act, but having their tails in between their legs is usually a sign of fear isn't it? The last picture i'm sure isn't right at all, isn't that bad for it's heart?

Hopefully Sakari will coment on this, he will know more about this stuff.

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Oppono Astos

'Stunt', of the sick variety, sums this up completely, there is nothing natural about this interaction with wolves or their behavior - they look terrified.

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