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Do you ever feel 'connected' to someone...

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I was looking for answers about feeling strong connection with someone and I'm glad I found this forum. if I tell this story to my friends they probably think I'm just crazy or making stories.

I feel that I have strong connection with my ex and he is too. Right now, we don't talk much anymore and I try to stop myself from contacting him. But whenever I think about him (actlly I never stop thinking about him and I can't stop it), I always find signs from him like he suddenly send me messages, or emails, or even postcards. And whenever I hear from him I become so nervous, my heart race, I feel excited at the same time angry and so many tense feeling but I know I love him.

Few months ago when I was still with him after 2 years not seeing each other he offered me to stay at his place because I was travelling alone. We slept at different room, but I couldn't sleep. My chest hurt so much I couldn't breath. The next day, he come to me and he said he dreamt about me saying something to him. Whenever I look in his eyes I just can't explain the feeling of deep connection with him. actually when we first met, we only spent 2 weeks together but he told me he never felt that with anyone and I am too. When I am not with him i feel not happy but when I am finally in his arms i feel so relaxed and safe. I couldnt explain the feeling like I finally found the purpose of my life. When I am not with him even for months, sometimes I can feel him and smell him and even hear his breath.

We broke up more than a year ago. After we broke up, I didn't talk to him for months. And he will send me messages for every few weeks or once a month telling me he can't stop thinking about me. We broke up because of some reasons, one of them is the distance. and for months I tried to stop thinking about him but I can't. and no matter how angry or upset I am at him I know I am still deeply in love with him. I'm with someone new right now and I don't feel any connection with this guy. I feel so guilty because I never stop thinking about my ex. Sometimes I dream about him and when I wake up in the morning I will get something from him like emails, or messages or letter. I never really tell him that I have this weird connection with him but he sometimes tell me he felt something and i just kept quiet.

I don't know what to do with this connected feeling. I don't know why I feel so connected to him and I don't even know whats gonna happen between us. I don't know how to handle this and I can't tell him because he has a new gf and i am with someone new too. Right now I have a chest pain again and it's been like this for few days.. sometimes I feel like I am with him at his place talking to him.

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I am glad i am not the only one who has experienced some of these thoughts/feelings, i dont feel as mental as i thought i was now.

I guess you just have to go with the flow and see where life takes you.

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