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Roy Perry

What is God straight or Gay?

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God created mankind in his own image did he not? I go with the thought that God is omnisexual, which has nothing to do with being gay or straight or bisexual. Talking about God and sex is like saying monks and nuns do not have to practice celibacy

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Sanctus Sapientis

Gay isn't a gender, it's an orientation. A male or a female can be gay while still being male or female. There are lots of theories of a greater-than-binary gender scheme, but gay is not a gender. Gay is also not a choice.

I don't think God IS sexual, at least as we understand it. It is probable that, assuming God can be described in gender terms, He is something close to a hermaphrodite. It also depends on which part of God we are speaking of. God the Father could possible be male, and paired with a feminine Holy Spirit. The totality of the Godhead, which most people mean when they speak of God, is probably not an individual and possibly not even sentient in a way we understand it.

The closest thing to a gender capable of begetting other life without a mate (assuming God doesn't work through biogenesis) is a hermaphrodite, which fits with my "one part male Father, one part female Mother, one part Son" theory. Then again, others are free to believe differently. All a matter of perspective, man.

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