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American Legion Hall Investigation

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Saturday 12, 2012


Renee Martine picked up Regina and Rhonda from Carmichael, then she picked up Felicia and I in Elk Grove. We headed south to Lodi and stopped for our Green Monster Drinks for the long night ahead.


When we got to the American Legion we met with Tom Presler from the awesome Zombie Club along with Tom's friend and first time investigator Jason. We also met Dan Straight the Historian who works in the building; Travis and Dawn from Delta Ghost Hunters and Rebecca and Eric who won a chance to do a paranormal investigation, through the raffle at the Zombie walk of 2011.

With 6 DVR cameras and much more equipment to be set up the investigation did not get started until 10pm. During the set up Regina, Rhonda and I took some time to do a mini investigation down in the basement. We set up the Frank Box, video, recorder and a flashlight. We asked the spirits to communication in which the Frank box started responding to our questions. We also received responses through flashlight communication while the K2 was going on/off. After a few minutes of investigating we went back to setting up the cameras.

Travis from Delta Ghost Hunters took lead investigator.

We went through the night waiting for our turns to investigate. We went in groups of 3 into the three story building.

The first group to go in was Renee our Psychic, Dawn and Rebecca. Renee had got an impression that there had been a fire in the building. It is unknown if there was.

The next group was Eric, Travis and Rhonda. Rhonda had felt a touch on the back of her leg.

The 3d was Ben, Regina and Josh. Ben who had shown up at 10pm; capture footage of a young boy and an EVP of a man saying "hay" on his Night Vision Camera.

The group smelt coke (the soda pop) and wood burning in the basement, though there was no fire place. Regina thought someone had touched her hand and Josh had felt uneasy.

During our investigation there were many personal, strange experiences, but we cannot say that it is haunted due to the lack of substantial evidence. At this point we can only suspect that the American Legion may have an energy left behind. Perhaps this energy was cause by the artifacts left by the deceased. No one knows for sure at this point.

Historical Background:

Throughout our history men and women have died for our freedom and for this country. The men and women of the American Legion are Veteran's or those who have family members that are Veteran's. The American Legion Hall in Lodi California has History dating back to the 1940's. It was essential place were the community would go to support the Legion's cause and enjoy the activities. For 70 years the members have incorporated their own baseball team and would put on a community fair. They also had packed halls for bingo night, along with theater plays and many activities to raise money for the troops and their families. Many times a soldier and or member would pass and the Hall would open up for the families of the deceased. Historical Items of the deceased still remain in the building as a commemoration to all the fallen veterans and life time members.

By Judy Raderchak

Next Investigation will be an over nighter at the Murphy's Hotel this Tuesday evening with our New Group Historical Paranormal Research.

Check that out here!!

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