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Dreaming of dead Nephew I never met

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I just had a dream of my Nephew who died at birth 12 years ago and I never met him. In my dream, I was on an old wooden school stage painting the back wall black when this kid(around 10) came on stage. He told me that he was the first of 3 and that he wanted me to tell his Mom that he says hi. He told me his name was Lucas. In the dream I did not know who he was or why he was telling me about his Mom. I knew he was a ghost and asked him if he had seen my Grandparents and he said yes, they are okay. I asked him if they had a message for me and he replied " Like what?". I woke up and that very second it hit me, my sister had a son named Lucas that died almost 12 years ago at birth and he was her first. I never met him. She know has 2 daughters. I cried for about 20 minutes in bed before getting up and calling my sister. I had to pass on the message if it was real or not! I had a feeling that I have never felt before. I was happy to have the experience but a little freaked out! What do you guys thing about this? Is a real message from him or just a weird dream?

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I've heard of some experiences like this, but whether it's real or a dream really depends on the case. Is it possible that you had this dream around the anniversary of the death, or happen to be talking about him within the past few days prior to the dream? If so, then i would suggest that it's a dream, but if it's real or not, i can not say.

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