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Target: Germany

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William B Stoecker: Those of us who have studied the hidden side of history have reached a kind of consensus that the world today is increasingly controlled by a small global elite of wealthy and powerful people, most of them “banksters” who make their wealth the old fashioned way, by, essentially, counterfeiting it. This legalized counterfeit money is called “fiat money.” In addition, most of these members of the elite belong to mysterious secret societies, most of which appear to be quasi-religious in nature, or involved with ritual magic…cults like the Freemasons, the Rosicrucians, Skull and Bones, the Lucis Trust, and the Bohemian Club. Judging by their deeds over the past century and by their own words, they intend to bring about a global fascist state and to reduce the human population to a tiny remnant of impoverished serfs.

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I would not call it hidden history since it has always been out there, not really covered up that much. Perhaps unassembled historical information, or little reported history is better?

Anyway, I think you are looking at the symptoms so to speak rather than the causes. Choosing which schools and organizations to be a part of, which people of organizations you are not a part of, which occupations are more appealing to you are products of culture.

There are continental cultures, national cultures, regional cultures, and family cultures. All cultures seek to dominate and replace other cultures as culture is completely a comfortable set of survival and standard of living mechanisms/tools that have developed over time. There are constructive and productive cultures and there are destructive and regressive cultures. Like any tools as time passes what once worked well may not work so well later and will need updated or replaced. Some parts of culture can be a complete b**** though and last like a bad cough after an illness despite all you do to try to finally get rid of it.

Anyone can look around them and find the most obvious way to spot a distinct culture is through long standing genetic bloodlines. When you see a very large group of people who physically resemble each other, dress much alike, have the same taste in food, and choose along the same lines of faith and entertainment you are looking at a culture. Among average people culture seldom appears threatening unless it involves a hostile ideology or faith that is willing to resort to violence or another form of force to replace others so that that culture can dominate. Even then average people are exposed to consequences for the culture tools they use and the survival instinct keeps them looking around to see how the tools of other cultures are working with the consideration that they may need at some point to replace or update their own.

The world of average people is in a vast, widespread, period of looking around right now, except for really one very distinct type of cultures and those are the ones that you have sighted and the average people of the world right now are in the process of trying to comprehend. Those are the family cultures of the families that rule over the governments of the world and its resources. Wealth moves to marry wealth and through the centuries it has always been that way.

See a small article on some of these families here. It is pravda, but writing about these families is frowned upon. They much prefer I am sure articles on the Illuminati, the Builderbergers, or their banking and investment firms.


The problem is that with great wealth very few if any real consequences of dysfunctional cultural tool choices are ever felt. Compound that with the fact that great wealth separates one part of humanity from recognizing the other part as equally human, producing lack of empathy to absolute sociopathy in regards to people who have vastly less wealth than their families possess.

In other words they stay determined to make their tools work, have their family cultures dominate, no matter how destructive it is to the rest of humanity and they are quite literally incapable of perceiving any problem with that.

They are on the move in big ways currently. Some recent news is that the Rothchildes have bought 37% of the total Rockefellar wealth holdings, and following closely on that the Rockefellar's (also now Rothchilde) State Street Corporation is looking to buy the hedge fund division of Goldman Sachs. What was once done with kings and armies to overthrown and dominate people is now mostly done with banking and finance.

What average people are wanting to know is how to end it. How can they become self governing, free people allowed to design and use their own cultural tools to insure their survival and a quality standard of living. They thought they might reach success with culturally represented national governments and free elections, but the world ruling families instituted a complex global financial and trade system to keep their power out of the hands of any nation's or even group of nations ability to control. The world is ruled by a multi-family oligarchy and it is a steel hard rule. Even the powerful isolationist, communist government of China that had been under their foot before finds itself back there again.

One solution that is being offered is a one world government, but it will be ruled by the multi-family oligarchy. You can see the forced pattern of consolidation taking place in Europe through the euro today. You can see movements of consolidation taking place more and more within the ruling families themselves as in the recent USA news, with the Rothchildes, Rockefellars, and Goldmans.

What the people of the world will choose I do not know. They are in a state of misery and seem willing to choose almost anything to end it, as I am sure was intended all along.

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OK I started reading this article and at about midway you kind of lost me when you incorporated and mixed Templar knights and Hospitaliers.

First of all the Hospitaliers were truly a group of knights and priest who protected pilgrims and healed them. As indicated the Hospitalier name has hospital in it. This was exactly what the Hospitaliers were doing: tending a hospital.

Then in 1118 came Hughes de Payens (and here you mist a point when not noticing that Payens is the plural of the French word Payen which means Pagan)(In fact Hugo was known to sign some of his mail Hugo de Paganus or Hugo de Payinsis) and his nine Knights. They arrive in Jerusalem and asked Baudoin for a space to camp in and protect the roads used by pilgrims. OK so let see 9 knights, even with their pages and other help would have amounted to about 30 men. Hardly a protection! In 1128, at the Council of Troyes in Champagne (and it's not in California Nappa Valley) in the presence of the Pope's Legate and accepting rules written by St Bernard de Claiveaux for the priestly part while the military rules were written by Hugo, the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon came to official existence. I write official because if you did a bit of research you would have found that in Spain and what would be Portugal, the “Templar” already received properties in 1126. You were right in saying Bernard was the nephew of the one of the original knight, Raymond de Montbar was the brother of Bernard's mom. He would become the second Grand Master of the order albeit at the time there wasn't such thing as a grandmaster.

Another odd thing about the Templar was their names: Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon. Hummm now for most scholars of the time, Christ meant Anointed, so basically it could have been anyone besides JC. And later they didn't become known as the Knight of Christ but the Knight Templar, hardly a reference for the Messiah.

After 1128 the Knights became a real force to deal with in the Middle East and this at this time the Hospitaliers decided to change from strictly monastic order to military order. Furthermore in 1022 at the time of the creation of the Hospitaliers, Urban II wasn't pope and heck he wasn't even born at that time. (PS: FYI Urban II born Otho de Lagery was the pope who called on the First crusade from Clermont-Ferrand and fairly sizable town for the day. The call was supposed to have been done from Le Puy [a village near by with one of the oldest known Black Virgin] but it was decided that the place was to small to accommodate all the people attending. The call to the first crusade was made in Clermont on the 27th of November 1095 about 78 years after the creation of conspirationist Hospitaliers).

Coming back to the Templar, their flag was “de sable et d'argent” meaning black and white in traditional heraldry. At no point there are mention of “croix de gueule” (red cross) at the time. The cross was forced upon the Templar in 1139 and they choose the red cross equal arm rather than the traditional Christian cross.

To finish my diatribe, I would like to add the fact that there was any fiat money at the time the first banking experiences created by the Templar. Fiat money is pretty much non existent and isn't backed by hard currencies. What the Templar created is (event today) called “lettre de change” currencies exchange letter. You would have to give cash on one end of the world to receive the cash on the other end, the same amount minus the cost of the “lettre de change”.

Oh just for a laughing note, the first fiat money created under Louis the XV created also the French revolution.

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Out of the 16 000 Knights Templar in 1307 only a thousand were arrested and 150 killed... and on March 18th 1314 only three were burned in the Isle de la Cite: Jacques de Molay, Geoffroi de Charney and the third knight didn't have a name left for history. How do I know all this ... I was born a March 18th at 6 am the time those 3 men were send to die... but few years later though :P

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