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Big Bad Voodoo

Crespi collection

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Greetings UMers!

Carlo Crespi Croci was chatolic priest who came in Ecvador in 1923. He done many good things in Cuenca. Like establishing college and education of natives. Even when he was alive street in Cuenca get his name. He was interested in anthoroplogy and music. He collected artifacts during his work in Ecuador. His collection full filled three rooms. He never organized his collection. But according to some people we can make divide between three groups. First are modern pieces. Second are pre Columbian artifacts. Third part of his collection are artifacts that cant be connected with any known culture mostly done from copper and bronze. Sometimes from gold. Many of them are tablets. Almost all tablets are connected with civilizations in Med and middle east. Pyramids and elephants. Unknown alphabet was on tablets too. Similar with alphabet from Mohenjo-Daro.

So far as I read scientists didnt invisigate his collection. Some of Church leaders say that they are all modern fabrications yet some of his collections were secretly transported to Vatican.

These artifacts according to Crespi were found by Indians in tunnels near Cuenca. Crespi die in year 1982 in 91 age. Before he died he sell many of his collection to Museo del Banco Central for 433.000,00 dollars. Money was spent to builiding new school.

Anyway whats your opinon on it…



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