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continous dreams abt nephew who hanged himslf

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Hi Everyone,

I lost my father in jan , my nephew who was just 17 committed suicide leaving no clue why he did it , we found letter but that was general love letter but no mention abt killing himself , in that letter there was no mention abt family but only written for his girl friend, there was 1 line about me "where he said iam not scared of anyone except my sister (me) " , he was young , fun loving boy but yes on personal front he had seen lot of things , like his father committed suicide when he was just 5yrs, his father left him with us when he was just 2yrs old he always called his grandma as mom & grandpa as dad , after his fathers death his mother 7 elder brother started staying with us too , but his mother & elder brother used to beat him a lot till the time they were with us , after few years my sister & his both sons left us & shifted to another accomodation , but he always had an attachment with us he used to come to meet us alone , after some fights he left his mothers home & started staying with us again that is when he was 14 , i always took his favour & fought for him with my sister even , i used to scold him as well for anything that was wrong . He respected me that's why he was scared of me otherwise he was much stronger than me . i loved him a lot. he was very excited about my marraige but just 2 months before my marraige he took this step & left me in shock . i see him daily since past 1 month he doesn talks but i see him & wake up in shock , shouting everynight i see him , don know if he is trying to tell me something or is it just shock that my mind is not accepting . Please help as it is affecting my normal routine.



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When you see him, is he smiling, sad? Whats his emotion? Is he just watching you? He could just be letting you know he is around because of how hard you have taken his death.

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