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Set the Fallen

Demon forest

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Set the Fallen

A while ago I woke with this dream, it was one of those dream that tend to repeat itself.

I sometimes dreamed it when I was at high school, but then, the 7 april this year... I dreamed it again.

"There was a forest, with paths like that mark of the never ending number 8, but there was lots of them, and easy to get lost in it. I used to play in this forest, and try catching animals to be friends with. I of course did not intend to harm them, just see if we could be friends. There was houses by a sea, which perhaps was kinda strange considering we lived in a forest. When you were in the forest, the ocean would look like a river and you could look to the other side, like it was only a large stream or small river. There was houses build out on this sea, just two houses as I know where there. The house which my friend lived in, and my house which was a sort of hollow trunk built like a house. One day, in the dream, something happen. My friend, a girl in white dress I used to play with was kidnapped by strange ghosts of the forest. It happen because I got lost in a fogy area of the forest I had never seen before, the old people had called that part of the forest cursed, but I had somehow stumbled upon it. I was able to escape safely out, but my friend which was by the entrance calling for me as she had seen me enter was taken. The ghosts of the forest stole her. I did not know before a cat sought me out in my house which was more in the forest than by the sea, even if it was on a cliff... sorta like a firehouse. I was shocked when I learned my friend never came back by her mother, and went into the forest looking for her. I saw that cursed forest and my friend was there. I dragged her with me home to her parents telling how worried everyone was, but she seemed shocked. When I got her back to the house, no one could see her while they were having a picnic and told me not to be so insensitive about her being gone, and she seemed really sad. Telling me that she had become a ghost, and no one were suppose to be able to see her, and she was not suppose to be able to leave the forest either. Somehow though, my touch was warm and light, and she had been able to leave, so she was happy even if it was short."

A little break, to take in what I have typed, because I know how damn long I can type.

"When she told me about it, I saw she was transparent, and whiter than usual, but then I smiled to her "Don't worry, I know how to break their tie on you" and I cut their claim on her. I had seen 5 soul ties on her, bindings like demons used to do on people, and I knew how to repel them. And I did, so forcefully they would no longer be able to see her. As I did I recreated her body so she could be seen by her family again. Then the others saw her, and she did not recollect the past days. But she was happy, telling everyone that hugged her that she had been lost in the forest and I had found her (not recalling what power I just had used). I noticed a black cat watching me. I had a fun time doing picnic a little while before going to a tree to rest. I did care for my friend, but I rather enjoyed solitude.The cat walked over to me, and I wondered if I should pet it or continue to watch the clouds, when the cat spoke human words.The ghosts of the forest, it told about them having started to hunt for what they lost. I told they would never get my friend back, as I would watch over her.The black cat which had come to talk to me told me about dark gods of the forest that tormented my friend, played with her, but now had lost interest in her and wanted me. The one which had escaped in the first place which rightfully was theirs.They had though it was the girl which had entered, but the overlord did not wish her for she bore not the mark, leaving her to the 4 ghosts of the forest. Who they really wanted was the one who had broken into their lands, slipped through, and now released a prisoner. I asked why it had come to me with this information. It told me it wanted to live human, and considering my powers, it though I might be able to give it to it. I said I could, but it did not concern me. It then said it could protect my friends and their family if I helped it, because it knew I could not watch them all and because it was the only humans in the area that dared live close to the cursed woods."

Again a break. Ah, let's nya time come. ^^

Let's now continue...

"I asked the cat to come with me to the house, because I was afraid to do it there, since changing a cat to human might be a problem in front of others. They had not seen when I changed my friend from ghost to human, that I did when they was watching away, but I wanted to be safe as well in case these ghosts would show up. So I changed the cat to a human, and she became a little girl. She did not have black hair as one would think, but dark brown and kind eyes. She was happy I had made clothes as well to her, and I just told her I at least could not make her indecent by being nude. She smiled kindly at that then ran out to play with humans. She seemed to get along with my friends family from my window in the top of my trunk. I sigh and though about these ghosts, wondering what they wanted. I decided to go into the forest and explore, in case the cat was right that they were after me. Being there might draw them to me, and then place my friends in harm. I came to the forest, and somehow became hunted by four ghosts, which trapped me in darkness, black mist. I noticed a fifth presence which alarmingly were stronger than the others, and unlike the normal white mist I had seen in the cursed forest, this one could make it hard to flee. But I wanted to know what they wanted. I could see the four ghost, but not this presence of which I could feel. I asked the four were the last coward was. I was going to tell him of for kidnapping my friend. They seemed surprised that I could talk in the fog at all, and that I at all could see them. I heard clapping far in into the dark, then I heard steps moving toward were I was.

"It seems I was right about you... for any spirit to sense my friends at all and see them, it's a huge feat. The overlord of the demons said. They all spoke to me, but the overlord seemed pleasingly amused by my telling of, and daring to tell the "gods" should act. As I finished, the overlord was smiling in such a way, and I heard someone whisper "I have never seen him smile before", he watched the demon, dark god or whatever and his stare could have killed "I am not smiling. I am simply finding this girl amusing to notice me were you can not even sense me when I hide" his voice so stern and poisonous I a second could not recognize it from moments before. Then his eyes seemed kinder when watching me.

"Girl, would you follow me a second, and let us talk for a moment?" his eyes were bewitching in a way. I realized I saw a image and I was uncertain what I really saw. Then I knew it was my friend which was raped by these ghosts. Her face screaming. And being tearful. It was her memories of what they did to her. I wanted to turn away, but when I saw away I noticed this dark god was just beside me holding me, and the darkness itself was moving around me, he was trying to bite my neck. I drew myself away in time, pushing him away, though he held me, he could no longer bite me. "Do you fear me?" he asked, and I shock my head "What is it then?" he said, with a kind voice. And watched me intensely in the eyes again. I saw a picture again, feelings, but this time it was me and him in darkness. I can't say if the image was just a image or if this guy had... .... .... .... ... intercourse with me. But darkness helped him as it was his to control. The image in my head looked something like this."


So anyone make anything of the dream?

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Ever Learning

very interesting, don't know what to make of it tho. sound like an intense dream

Edited by Ever Learning

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Mr Walker

I think you are having a lot of fun playing around with your subconscious and expressing it in complex dream symbologies and narratives

There is too much to analyse in this narrative but many of the symbologies do have classic meanings and the narrative itself, and the characters, tell me a lot about your subconscious self.

The good news is that the dream is basically positive, speaking of your own confidence and empowerment .This probably applies not just in your dreams but in your real life. It appears that you are in a period of change and growing responsibity in your own life, This might worry you a bit, but you rightly believe you have the abilitys to deal with the changes. A good book on dream symbologies could tell you a lot about the many specific symbols in this dream.

Here's a few clues the forest is your life and its complexities. The paths are routes through those complexities The rivers are bondaries which in this case are minor and easily crossed but which you are conscious of. The animals are common in childrens dreams and may reprsent a number of avatars or archetypes from within your own personality. Each animal may have certain characteristics of parts of your own personality.

Houses built on rivers or seas may symbolise both security and protection but also impermanence. Naked ness may represent sexuality but alos a childlike inncence and or vulnerabiltiy; it depends how you feel about the nakedness. The ghosts may represent the nature of relationships and the difficulty in making connections i real life and a feeling of isolation from people.

Check the nature of the river They often reflect our emotional state from placid to raging.

Listen to the voices of "authority figures" They may represent your own conscience or they may be your subconscious trying to guide and help you.

Ps the drawing is a pretty classic succubus /incubus. Given the other erotic overtones of your dream i would say one important component is your own sexuality and its expression. That is perfectly normal, especially in younger people whose powerful sex drives shape large part of their dreams.

You may want/ need to consciously examine diffeernt aspects of your conscious sexuality including your needs and hopes. I would say that the drawing, if your own, indicates some knowledge of the occult and that knowedge WILL find expression in your dreams, as all parts of our conscious knowledge do.

Overall, however, i would still maintain that the dream is basically positive and optimistic. Our dreams do not just express our waking fears and problems but we can consciously manipulate our dreams and use them to help overcome real life worries and concerns .

Plus, what happens in dreams stays in dreams. It is quite healthy to express all sorts of creativity including sexual creativity in dreams, which you might be unwilling to experiment with in real life because of possible consequences.

Edited by Mr Walker

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