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Just a turn of the wheel

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Just a turn of the wheel

When in a pious mood all can seem easy, and I would suppose I can get a little arrogant over it, as if I had somehow arrived at some kind of exalted state, to be enthroned there forever and ever, amen. It is of course all nonsense, just another turn of the wheel, signifying nothing of what is actually taking place. Perhaps it is a place of rest, though at times I think it is a port, a place for me to see into how shallow I can really be, and how the roots of my faith are indeed in thin soil, resting in undeveloped turf. For I can truthfully say, that I have yet to stay on track when yet another silly episode of my ‘arriving’ passes, and I am left again to myself. It is like I am walking down a well worn path, full of sunshine and surrounded by beauty, where everything makes sense; then suddenly it is gone. However I have grown to trust the process of life and to simply put one foot in front of the other.

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