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Why is Kurdistan not free?

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Actually, the future of the region is pretty clear. Pan-Arabism is as dead as Pan-Slavicism, Pan-Germanicism or Pan-Turanism. All these pan-ideologies are racist crap and have no real grounds. People have many other criteria than linguistic similarity that binds them, and that's religion, community, sense of belonging, history etc.

The end result for Syria will be the dismantling of the Syrian state into a Kurdish, Alawite, Druze and radical Muslim Brotherhood rulled Sunni state in the middle. This will further cause the dismantling of Lebanon into Muslim, Christian and Druze states. It's either that, or a full blown genocide of the Sunni majority in the Alawite minority, with death marches in the desert, concentration camps etc..

We now see the last days of the colonial divisions of the region. The reason why Israel is a beacon of stability, is that it's actually the only place in the region to be built right, that gives full civil rights to it's citizens (Muslim or Jewish), and that's not alien in existence.

Now let's wait for the anti-Israeli wolves to howl ;) .

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