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Simbi Laveau

Incredible Photography of John Kaplan

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Simbi Laveau

I wasn't sure where to out this. I became aware of John when he filmed the documentary with the two brothers,and Phil Anselmo . Very cool story as well .

He documents his own battle with cancer .

His stuff is amazing . Some of his photos are American icons .

Just click next in each section,until you cannot go anymore.



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Junior Chubb

Phil Anselmo and Pantera, haven't heard those mentioned in a long time. Thanks for stirring a few memories. :)

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Simbi Laveau

this photographer did the Pantera documentary?

That I do not know . He documented his own struggle with cancer,and a guy who I think was a veteran,and his brother.

The brother contacted john . The guy with cancer was a huge Phil fan,and john showed up at this guys door,with Phil,to tell him not to give up his battle with cancer .To keep on fighting .

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