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levitation/self-levitation questions

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this thread is for those who know about/believe in levitation or have achieved it themselves. while i could argue and or debate about whether or not levitation or telekinesis is real, i'm not really in the mood. any comments that say "levitation is a trick", "telekinesis is fake", etc. will be ignored.

I'm currently practicing tk, and i've become interested in learning levitation as well. i've been practicing levitation for about three days and i can already feel my energy trying to lift me. like a psi ball but underneath me trying to push me up. it's kind of weak though. sometimes it feels like energy is vibrating around me, kind of like the vibrations during astral projection but very subtle. i think i'm feeling it so quickly because i'm a weakish telekinetic as it is.

anyways, i was wondering if there is anyone out there who has achieved levitation, advanced or beginner, who is willing to answer these questions:

1.)is self levitation telekinesis?

2.)[in regards to question 1] if so, if i were to achieve levitation, will my telekinetic abilities become enhanced?

3.)how long has it taken you to achieve levitation and how long can you stay in the air?

4.)with enough practice, could one be able to glide or fly?

5.)if i levitate myself first, will i be automatically able to lift small objects or will that take practice as well?

For the original poster (I do not want other crappy responses directed my way.. OP was asking seriously and I want to seriously respond back).

Hi, I think you are going to have to be extremely lucky if you manage levitation, its sooo rare. That being said Ive had two strange experiences heading towards this. (I cant do TK at all, thou Ive tried).

I'll share my couple of experiences with you as you will probably find them interesting.

I was going throu hell at one point due to becoming overly sensitive to the astral and thoughtforms even while I was in physical body (I had Kundalini syndrome problems). I actually at one point was experiencing astral things as if they were physical things (which was very confusing to me at times).. I could pick an astral thing up with my physical hands etc thinking it was physical at first..

Around about this time when I was at my most astrally sensitive point, I was walking somewhere one day and one of my physical feet stepped onto something astral which was about an inch or so above ground level (as I dont usually have astral vision too, usually just had astral feel.. Ive no idea what it was I stepped on but it was flat and nearly completely solid under my foot but it certainly wasnt physical). I continued my stride (it took a second for me to register what had just happened)...but anyway.. I know that foot my was pushed up by the energy of whatever it was, by the resistance of that energy, it was quite strong (it felt like I'd walked on thick foam) (when I had that happened I was actually left wondering if I would be able to walk on water at that moment but there was no water around for me to try it.. if nothing but an astral thing could of held me up, water one would think would of even more easily done that).

I occassionally think back that day and I guess if I could put a strong enough energy thing under my own feet, I then could walk on it and to those who didnt have psychic sight.. it would make it like like I was walking on air. Ive no idea how to make something astrally that strong and stable thou (well I must admit Ive never tried too.. I can think of better things to be doing with my time then spending weeks trying to create something astrally as strong as I can!).

Anyway.. I guess this like I could of experienced here, wouldnt be classifed as PK as that is moving things.. this wasnt a case of having to move anything but just walking on something astral already there above ground. (I dont regret at all Im not that sensitive to the astral anymore as it caused me issues eg if someone thought about hitting me, I used to feel the thought (even if unsaid) as if I'd be hit eg gasp and would make me end up double over if punched.. so I certainly didnt try to culture that sensitivity to keep it.. I did everything I could to try to get rid of that!! so called "gift".


The other time I had a defying gravity some incident was not me who did it but what one of my teachers did to me. I had a teacher who is a very advanced, well known (he teaches not only in my country but I think in other parts of the world at times too)... Tai Chi/Qi Gong Grand Master. He could do quite a few very strange things but I'll focus on our topic.

He used me one day to give a demo to others at a public demo for new people thinking about joining his school, on how strong energy can be. He had me stand up.. legs and feet together and told me to relax. (the next part was scary!) then he told me to lean back keeping my back straight and not moving my feet (I was sure I was going to full from doing this). He thou supported me using just energy and used it to bring me gently further and further backwards.. (he didnt physical touch me at all.. in the end he had me laying backwards at quite an gravity defying angle (my feet were still touching the floor but there is no way a person should be able to be balanced like I was there). I had to fully trust that he'd keep me held there using just energy and not allow me to fall. (this grandmaster is in Adelaide Sth Australia)

Anyway.. so I suggest if anyone ever wants to see gravity defying things.. I suggest to seek out a grandmaster of TaiChi or another energy grandmaster and they may be able to give you a demo of this.


4.)with enough practice, could one be able to glide or fly?

I personally wouldnt be thinking about those things just yet seeing u cant even yet get off the ground (and I think learning this hard skill is quite unlikely to nearly all of us) ..but with that said.. there is a group of (sufis?) which are known for being able to glide across the desert. To do that I'd personally think that you'd have to have your kundalini activated at a very high level (so would need to be very spiritually advanced). I personally think the more very advanced skills come from this. (Ive only heard of those mystic ones being able to do that and never have heard of any other group of mystics doing it.

Hence why I think its a very unlikely skill to be able to gain. Ive met quite a few very advanced people over the years in my studies into the occult stuff and that.. but none able to levitate themselves (thou I guess there is always the chance that someone may of been able to do so but never mentioned it to me, thou I doubt that)... thou on the another hand.. I did meet someone once who could throw a person (or bowl them down) in self defence using energy. I took a 2? day class in psychic self defence with a yogi master .(not the tai chi one) in which some very interesting things were shown to me in how to stop someone physically attacking you using energy (without touching them physically but sorry that is something Im sworn not to share so cant go into details).

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The interesting thing about levitation.


Anahat Chakra or heart chakra: If one contemplates on the flame called vanlinga that resides in the heart chakra (anahat chakra), he attains knowledge beyond measure. He attains clairvoyance and can see the past, present and future. He can walk in air (khechari siddhi)...............................

Contemplation is a long-term meditation.

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