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Sirius and Alnilam, Secret Societies

monk 56

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I'm new here and study archaeoastronomy, and ancient beliefs associated with fixed stars, astrologers often used the inaccurate projected measure on fixed stars, however a few use the right measure called parans for short, how this shows the night sky is the same as an astronomy programme.

In religion sometimes esoteric secret societies wait for a day when the stars are favourable before they initiate action, a great deal of ancient religion is associated with the Dogstar Sirius and the centre star of the Belt of Orion called Alnilam, many countries align to these stars by day marking, the belief is very ancient and originally were only aligned to Sunrise or Sunset to four points in the sky being the horizon at sunrise, the horizon at sunset, the middle of the sky or culminating or the opposite, being middle of sky below the Earth, in the 14th Century with the invention of the clock, midnight alignments were added.

The Ancient Egyptians and Romans valued Sunrise as the start of the day, as members will note that the Ancient Egyptian Calendar New Years Day started when Sirius rose with the Sun, the Ancient Greeks valued previous Sunset as the start of the day, as do Jews up to the present era.

Before i start lets show why 11th September would be valued as special for action....it is New Years Day in the Coptic Calendar, and is valued by many conflicting esoteric orders, some are good, some are not so good, i have difficulty in looking at the divide, which i will show later, link below:-


Astrologers do debate about using the accurate measure in astronomy (Paran) link below:-


Link below to Archaeoastronomy:-


Link below showing how old the belief in parans are:-


I'll start soon showing a great deal of modern history and possible deliberate alignments to dates to Sirius, Isis star and Alnilam, Belt of Orion, Osiris star, and possible implications in religion, although the other factor may be synchronicity that we know very little about!

Obviously as i go through history i will attach astronomy pictures....any questions?

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Please explain again how sheeps bladders may be employed to prevent earth quakes...

Im just teasing...please do carry on...

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Hi "The Mule",

I have to say this isn't an Illuminati thread, or a new world order, but secret beliefs by many secret societies many of which have no connection to each other than a belief in Sirius and Alnilam, many mason groups are not bad, however a few fringe masonic groups can cause problems, pardon the pun, lets look to a link from the horses mouth, look under "What is Freemasonry?"....it will say they believe in the ancient mysteries of Orpheus, Isis and Eleusis, and if you scroll down further to "7 Ceremonial and inner energies it mentions that some masonic rituals is what they believe is magic.


The Eastern Order of International Co-Freemasonry is one of the larger groups that have beliefs different to many of us, however the mark of a good democracy is allowing freedom of belief within the law. In the renaissance era ancient beliefs become popular again in secret and it follows through to this day, they are often called hermetic beliefs.

Many times this involves aligning the start of the day, which can be Sun rising with Sirius, Sun rising as Sirius is in middle of sky, Sun rising as Sirius is setting along horizon or Sun rising as Sirius is on Nadir (opposite to middle of sky above).

The same applies to sunset with Sirius and Alnilam, and same again with midnight, they use a margin of one degree or four minutes of time, usaully this would give us 24 days of a year out of 365 where this could happen in any location, however a lot of the time there is one missed with the application of Summer time, and usaully there is one or two days that have a double alignment happening, thus a good margin for any location is approx. 21 days out of 365 that this can happen by chance.

However these dates are no hocus pocus, but are days that are used for world events, aligning architecture or calendars, we consciously align Easter to the first full Moon after the Vernal Equinox, then the next Sunday after that becomes Easter Sunday....aligning the stars isn't so different!

It has to be said that i'm neutral in Middle Eastern Problems that we have at the moment involving Palestine and Israel, i'm just reporting history and probably intentional alignments.

I have nothing against the now extinct Jewish Colonization Association, however this was established in Izmir, Turkey on 11th September 1891, please scroll down to "Colonies established after 1906", however first colony was established before this in Iznik.


The Jews start the day by previous sunset, so we would be looking for the sun setting while Sirius or Alnilam was on one of four points in the sky, Alnilam was on the Nadir, it is messy to show the Nadir by astronomy, and you need to know what you are looking at so below i'm showing the Nadir on an astrology wheel, i'll show astronomy graphs on next topic being the British Mandate of Palestine.

Graph on link:-


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I come from London, UK, if i was to blame anyone for the mess in the Middle East, it would be the secret pacts after W.W.1. between U.K. and France, this effects relations between Western Governments and Arabs to this day! Jack Straw, who was the British Foreign Secretary in 2002 observed "A lot of the problems we are having to deal with today, are the consequence of our colonial past...the Balfour Declaration and the contradictory assurances which were given to the Arabs, again an interesting history for us, but not an entirely honourable one!"

The Christian religion has many faults how countries have dealt with Jews over the centuries, how Hitler behaved is just a fairly modern permutation, most arabs annoyance started with the British Mandate.

To paint history before this we must look at the Sykes-Picot Agreement carving up lands that the Ottoman Empire lost by defeat in W.W.1.

links to come on next thread section.

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Link below to the Sykes-Picot Agreement:-


I have left a draw open to a very important document on link below, scroll down to 1922 and left click on "Mandate for Palestine- Report of the Mandatory to Lon-Uk report"

You will see that Sir Hubert Samuel took charge of the British Mandate in Jerusalem on 1st July 1920, however he was acting chief without Oath of Office, which he took on 11th September 1922.


On 1st July 1920 in Jerusalem Alnilam rose with the Sun, on 11th September 1922 at location at Midnight day marker, Alnilam was rising, astronomy graph on link below:-


Sir Hubert Samuel was Jewish, obviously Arabs wouldn't have liked this and thought it wasn't a neutral appointment!

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The Sharm el-Sheikh Memorandum was indeed signed at location on 4th September 1999, but if you scroll down link to clause 11, you will find that it didn't come into effect till one week later in area around Jerusalem, making date of legal issue 11th September 1999, it was one of many peace deals that didn't work!


I have already shown 11th September 1922 in Jerusalem area graph using midnight day marker, the same alignment applies to 11th September 1999, Precession hasn't yet moved Alnilam, Belt of Orion on from the rising position on date!


I'm sure you will note that before Arab Spring movement forced a new Constitution recently in Egypt, the constitution before was ratified on 11th September 1971, link below:-


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Hi Wandering,

A lot of conspiracy theorists know that there are secret beliefs involving Sirius, the Isis star, however i have started this thread explaining the lesser known belief regarding the centre star of the Belt of Orion called Alnilam, the Osiris star, so now i switch!


Most would value the people involved in the Sharm el-Sheikh Memorandum as trying to create peace although difficult, but there is another set of idiots trying to smash up peaceful intentions, strangely the good the bad and the ugly all use days aligned to Sirius and Alnilam, it is very difficult sometimes knowing who is who?

On the next thread section i'll show how Sharm el-Sheikh was punished for hosting the unsuccessful peace agreement.

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At 01:15 am on 23rd July 2005 a bomb exploded in Sharm el-sheikh, over 200 hundred people were either killed or injured, it was intentional that it corresponded with Egypt's public holiday being Revolution Day.

Parans work by sunrise to sunrise if you are using Egyptian day marker, so we would have to look at sunrise previous as this attack happened before sunrise on 23rd July 2005, link below:-


The Coptic New Year date of 11th September is now only symbolic of Sirius rising with the Sun, due to precession in Egypt and now unlike the ancient Egyptian Calendar it keeps in step with the Gregorian Calendar, so you find it very strange that this attack happened when Sirius was rising with the Sun, link to graph below showing Sun and Sirius rising on 22nd July 2005 at location, very ancient Egyptian isn't it, Sunrise to Sunrise???


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Perhaps it's time to look at Revolution Day in Egypt that happened on 23rd July 1952 in Egypt, it seems a good idea to look at this from the Capital, Cairo seat of government, link below to events:-


On this day in Cairo Sirius rose with the Sun, it would be strange if those in power in Egypt held the same beliefs as ancient pharaohs, wouldn't it?

Astronomy graph on link, showing ancient Egyptian day marker along the horizon:-


You may wonder if they chose that day for a Revolution because of the position of Sirius???

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What percentage of "notable events" in the Middle East in the last 100yrs can you connect to Sirius?

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Hi Eldorado,

I can do better than that, this is going to be a long thread, i'm gonna show world history for the last five hundred years with secret beliefs attached to Sirius and Alnilam so saddle up, it's gonna be a very long ride!

Sometimes given a little information, and knowing these secret beliefs i can predict what day they will use, but it is difficult. Please note this isn't in any way connected to predicting by astrology, perhaps you would like an authentic genuine prediction that proved to be right?

I hope moderators won't think that i'm breaking rules by showing this, on some other forums i'm known as just Monk, i had to change my avatar slightly to join this forum to monk 56 as the name had already been taken.

I see you come from Scotland, so the link i'm giving will interest you on thread section #2 and #3 on link below, please note prediction, look at all links i give, especially the link to the Baghdad Constitution and also the link i left to Fabians at the start of thread section #2 that has three pages about the Esoteric beginnings of the Labour party in U.K., but i'm not knocking but explaining, it doesn't matter which party you vote for, they all have leanings towards hermetic beliefs:-


Please note that my prediction is made on guess work knowing secret beliefs, i'm guessing what day they will use as they choose days that correspond to thier beliefs, this is called Electional Astrology link below:-


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Hi Eldorado,

I can do better than that, this is going to be a long thread, i'm gonna show world history for the last five hundred years with secret beliefs attached to Sirius and Alnilam so saddle up, it's gonna be a very long ride!

Thank you. I'll enjoy the ride, I hope.

Welcome to UM! :)

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Hi Eldorado lets continue,

Lets look at another peace conference called the Taba Summit, link below:-


You will note that this started on 21st January 2001, in Taba, Egypt, ancient Greek daymarker was applied, being sunset of previous day on 20th January when Sirius was rising, graph on link below:-


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You may be wondering if Taba got whacked for hosting this peace conference?

Sadly they were punished, the 2004 Sinai Bombings included Taba, on 7th October 2004, link below:-


The bad guys used midnight day marker to tag day, as you can see below on graph, Sirius was Rising!!!!


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For members to fully understand why an event would be marked by sunset of previous day, we have to go back in time to the ancient Greeks, Babylonians, Jews and many others who valued sunset as the start of day, like link below:-


You would be surprised how many secret societies mark their work by Sunset, Sunrise or midnight in a conscious action to an event that happens on a particular day.

With this in mind lets look at today in the world, over the last year Oslo, Norway has had an awful time with the acts and trial of Anders Breivik, today he was sentenced which is an auspicious day in Oslo, Sirius in belief is all about karma, i have left some links below to the Trial:-

Please scroll down to "Verdict" to find todays date, 24th August 2012


Another link below:-


I'm going now to spend a great deal of time over the next few thread sections on Anders Breivik.

Why did Oslo choose today to sentence him, was it because in Oslo today, that Sirius rose with the Sun?

Astronomy graph below on link:-


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I hope members understand the Thout/Thoth thing with 11th September regarding secret beliefs, i will get to 9/11 in due course, link below:-


So is Oslo anything to do with the Peace process, ever heard of the Oslo Accords? Link below:-


Anders Breivik was a Three Degree Mason and member of St. Olaus No. 8 Lodge in Oslo, the lodge says he only attended four times, which i consider a lie, as it takes a lot of coaching to become a three degree mason, i don't blame them for not telling the truth....who would want to be associated with Breivik, however even mainstream lodges can have links to fringe masonic contacts that are not authorized by the main lodge, perhaps Breivik found one of these contacts in the circles that he associated with?

Please scroll down link below to "Links to Organizations"


To become a Three Degree Mason is a lot of work, and needs a lot more contact with a lodge than four times, link below:-


Please note i'm not trying to connect Breivik's actions in any way to this lodge, however he may have found out links that are easier to join to other strange societies by being a mason!

He was involved with PCCTS (Paupere Commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici) which is an unofficial fringe group of Knights Templar, i have no idea if the video link below is a hoax, but i find it disturbing:-

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I have to say that a lot of secret groups have beliefs associated with Sirius, many don't break the law, many mason and Knight Templar groups think of Sirius as the Blazing Star, my big worry are the unofficial fringe groups, boy are there some nuts around!!!

A good democracy allows many beliefs as long as you stay within the law, so i don't have any comment to make about belief in Sirius!

Lets look at another nutty unofficial fringe group of Knights Templar being "The Order of the Solar Temple", please scroll down link below to "Mass murder and Suicide" then read second paragraph down.....they killed and committed suicide believing that they all would meet up again on SIRIUS.....i can't think of anything more awful in committing this crime, they also murdered children and babies!


I'll be back tomorrow!

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Another link to Breivik is below:-


It looks likely that Breivik was aligning Sirius on the day of attack, however just by looking at orb margin on this star, a better day would have been the next day as Sirius would have been closer to the Nadir (middle of sky bemeath Earth, sometimes associated with death), however another factor is the position of Jupiter that was rising at midnight, those that believe in the stars always try to gain its influence, i'll show this many times over the coming weeks.

So at midnight day marker on 22nd July 2011 in Oslo, Jupiter was within four minutes of rising and Sirius was 5 minutes 21 seconds off the Nadir, Jupiter that has a symbol like a four with a curly bit is believed to promote expansionism, thus expand the power of Sirius.


You can find symbol for Jupiter by scrolling down link below to "Symbols for Planets" and looking at graph:-


Graph for day of attack using midnight day marker is on link below:-


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It may be interesting to follow the history of the masonic lodge that Breivik belonged to back to the original charter given by The Grand Lodge of England, however please note that some dates are symbolic and don't have alignments, an example would be 24th June, which is St. John's Day (John the Baptist) and is a holy day for masons, please note i'm honing in on original charter, link to St. John is below:-


Please scroll down link below to "Nationality" and find date of 25th October 1745 in Copenhagen:-


Or scroll down link below to 1743


The original date of Charter is 25th October 1745 in Copenhagen, Denmark followed the Gregorian Calendar before this date so thus is a Gregorian date, graph below showing Sirius rising at midnight day marker at location:-


Edited by monk 56
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I don't have a date in Oslo regarding the secret talks regarding the Middle East that the Oslo Accords are named after, however one of the failed agreements were signed on the White House Lawn on 13th September 1993, ancient Greek day marker was used to tag the event, being sunset the previous day on 12th September, i'm sure a lot of people here know the picture below, it created a lot of false hope:-


Proper link to date below:-


So if we look to previous sunset we find Alnilam, Osiris star of the Belt of Orion on the Nadir (middle of sky beneath the Earth) , link to Nadir below:-


It would seem that world politics are governed by belief in the stars ha ha! Graph on link below:-


I don't mind people having all different beliefs, but i don't want to be ruled by a secret religion based on ancient Egyptian myths!

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Obviously New York is a different location to Washington D.C. and the position of Alnilam is slightly different, so did the bad guys use the same alignment on 11th September 2001?

We know that 11th September is an auspicious date regarding Thout/Thoth, link below:-


I'm using ancient Greek day marker below for 11th September 2001 in New York, being Sunset on 10th September, the event was marked by conscious action, as Alnilam, Belt of Orion is on Nadir as Sun sets....secret beliefs again!!!!

Graph on link below:-


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The National Security Act put in place by Truman who was a 33 degree mason established a lot of defence, this originated on 18th September 1947 in Washington D.C., link below:-


The Modern United States Airforce and the C.I.A. were also activited on the same day, links below:-



So why choose that day in Washington D.C.?

Using Sunrise Egyptian day marker we find that as Sun is Rising at location, Alnilam, Belt of Orion is culminating in the middle of the Sky, in the Northern Hemisphere to show the middle of the sky when the Sun is rising, then a straight line upwards must be drawn from South at Location.

Astronomy graph showing this is on link:-


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If you scroll down link below to "SOURCES OF ELEMENTS" and read the PARAGRAPH ABOVE THIS you will find the following Quote:- "On September 15th 1789 the United States Congress ordered that the seal heretofore used by the United States in Congress assembled, shall be, and hereby is declared to be, the seal of the United States."


This is the birthday of the Great Seal, Congress were sitting in New York at the time, that was the Capitol before Washington D.C. was built, it become the Capitol a year before in September1788, link below:-


So why choose 15th September 1789 in New York for the Great Seal of America, will the pyramid give a clue???

Egyptian sunrise day marker was used, as Sun rose, Alnilam was in the centre of the sky in New York, to find centre of sky as the Sun rises, then a straight line must be drawn upwards from South in the Northern Hemisphere, astronomy graph on link below:-


Cleopatra would have loved the Pyramid Seal and the Osiris star Alnilam alignment ha ha!

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Pyramid Text.

I fly from you oh men,

I am not for the earth.

I am for the sky.

I have soared to the sky as a heaven.

I have kissed the sky as a falcon.

I am the essence of a god,

the son of a god.

Behold the faithful and loving Osiris

has come as the stars of Orion, the Beautiful One.

I have come that i may glorify Orion.

My soul is a star of gold

and with him

I will traverse the sky forever.


I'll be back tomorrow looking at the Madrid terrorist attack.

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