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Iraqi Nuclear scientists


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I got a message and I can't find the original. Has this been mentioned here? Does anyone know where I can find a link to the original story?

The headline was:

"Syria brokers secret deal to send atomic weapons scientists to Iran"


Con Coughlin

Says it was filed 26/09/2004...

In it, it says Syria wants to get rid of the Iraqi Nuclear Scientists that went to Damascus just before the US attacked Iraq because they're afraid the US might target them next if they have them.

Then it talks about Syria currently working on a bunch of WMD programmes, and a bunch of gas centrifuges from North Korea that can be used to enrich uranium.

It talks about Syria allowing fighters across it's border to go into Iraq to fight the coalition and how the nuclear scientists were given new identitys and their families went with them and all.

Has someone posted that article or know where to find it?

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This scenario (about the Iraqi nuclear scientists fleeing from Iraq to Syria and then to Iran) is very possible, if not true.

As for the other scenarios - Syria does have chemical, and possibly biological weapons. It also has VX.

And yes, Syria does allow terrorists comming from Lebanon or Syria to cross the border into Iraq, to fight the coalition, although they claim they have no control over who crosses the border tongue.gif.

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