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Still Waters

Mirrors in Folklore and Superstition

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Still Waters

Since mankind first saw its own reflection, we have been fascinated by surfaces that cast our image back to us. Possibly because of that fascination, there is an incredibly wide variety of superstitions, myths and urban legends surrounding mirrors specifically and reflective bodies in general.


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In addition...

Babies should never look into a mirror until after their first birthday

Mirrors should be covered during a thunderstorm

You'll see your future husband in a mirror after you've sat in front of it and brushed your hair after eating an apple

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Simbi Laveau

I think mirrors can get energy stuck in them. It is metal based,after all .

In any case,I once made a valiant effort to learn how to scry ,the same way Nostramasus did .

So I got my hands on this lovely black mirror . I bought it from a witch,and it was odd,because out of nowhere,he said to me,"be careful what you use it for .Things can come thru a mirror .Not all of those things are nice ."

I was quite taken aback,because no witch has ever said something to this affect before. None I know anyway,and I had no designs on conjuring demons or something .

It was weird . I never forgot it obviously .

I still have the mirror somewhere .My scrying foray was fruitless I might add. That and crystal balls . I don't get it .

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My Grandmother Used To Live In A Small Village In Ex Yugoslavia .. She Would Always Cover The Mirrors In All The Bedrooms Or Rooms In The House At Night .. Whenever I Went To Visit Her I Would Always Ask Her Why She Was Doing That .. She Always Refused To Tell Me .. It Was So Frustrating ..

I Would Ask My Cousins And My Mum Why Was She Doing That But They Also Would Never Tell Me ..

After A Few Years When I Got Older I Remembered That And Asked My Cousin What Was All That About .. She Then Told Me That At Night All The Mirrors Must Be Covered Up Coz If You Woke Up And Looked In The Mirror You Could See The Devil Staring Back ...

No Wonder Why They Wouldn't Tell Me As A Kid ..

Anyway .. Would Love To Know Where Did This Superstition Come From .. Unfortunately I Can't Ask My Grandma Anymore :(

EDIT: Silly Me .. I Didn't Read The Whole Article Before Posting .. It's All Described There (Serbo-Croatian Culture) .. Now When I Think Of It , When Both My Grandparents Died, All The Mirrors Were Covered With A Towel ..

Edited by Ninhursag

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