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The 'Giza Diagonal' and 'The Horizon of Khufu'

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Robert G. Bauval: The two larger pyramids, G1 and G2, are of almost equal size and are placed in such a way as to have their NE-SW diagonals almost in alignment i.e. not exactly 45º to their meridian but 43º 27’. On maps and aerial photography it also does appears that the southeastern corners of the three pyramids G1, G2 and G3 form a line 45 to the meridian.

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This is an interesting article, thank you.

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The article mentions mr magli was unaware prior to sept 1, 2012 of the error to diagonal,

it show goes to show the errror in these problem solvers.

Me being a great detective and problem solver knew about error in the giza diagonal even prior to robert bauval article of sept 1 2012. i mention here on board in june 2012 the error in the giza diagonal and mention magli, spence,belmonte believed in it.

Pity magli dIdnt read my posts earlier, i do wonder if my post was read by Robert Bauval who then later did the sept 1 2012 article.

Heres my comment from june 2012


when i informed someone on the board that the diagonal was off.

The so-called "Giza diagonal" as a group of 3 does not really align exacty like shown in that image as

Lehner has mentioned the line misses the southeast corners of G3 by as much as 11 meters.

Yet people like Kate Spence, Magli ,Belmonte have mentioned such alignments.

heres the image that was shown.


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