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Sleep Paralysis & Lucid Dreaming

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OK let my start by saying if i don't reply to you guys is because im trying to figure out this forum so bare with me

I had at least 4 or 5 Sleep Paralysis Experiences

And it seems i always dream i never stop dreaming

Ok my first Sleep Paralysis was when i was around 14 and now im 17 i was asleep like any normal person and to my surprise i wake up but cant move at all and hear this weird sound of air pressure like sorta like the paranormal movies sound effect so keep it mind it was the first time I Experienced this sort of thing and i could see and i see this white face fade away as i see it for like a split second and i regain my movement i sit up and its around 2 clock at night i turn on my lights and my TV and was freaked out and i start to pray and pretty much go back to sleep an hour or 2 later and go to school

Ok now for one of my more Present Experience of Sleep Paralysis and this happened probably 1 - 2 weeks ago it hasn't happened sense and i don't think it will again ok .. i was practically Lucid Dreaming I was with my little brother in a car driving and i knew it was a dream so i started messing around with the car and out of no where the dream fades and i see myself sort of in bed right and im hugging my pillow and i feel as if my finger is getting out of my finger is strange and as soon as i try to lucid dream i go into a state of Sleep Paralysis all my room suddenly goes black and white like one of those old movies and i hear growling and i am terrified and close my eyes and think of god and i wake up i also saw what seem like a little girl or maybe is just me before i close my eyes I will post more soon and My Dreams as well

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interesting you dont hear that much about people coming out of sleep paralysis and being able to move. ive done it myself by forcing my self to get up and have once kept my eyes open and woke up.

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I first started lucid dreaming when I was young, I didn't really think too much about it, I didn't have the experiences that often. I knew sometimes I would become conscious inside my dream usually only for a few seconds before I lost focus, and then I would just resume dreaming.

When I was about 14-15 years old there was a good couple weeks where I had a lucid dream every night, and that's when I really started to try and control them better and make it last longer. I didn't know what it was so I went online in a video game and started describing to people what was happening and if they knew what it was. Someone told me lucid dreaming so I went and looked it up on a browser and sure enough that was it.

At first I could only remain conscious for short periods of time maybe 20 seconds. It seemed as if the dream was constantly trying to make me forget about being conscious and slip back in to a dream state. I tried hard to focus and found repeating things in my mind like "i know whats going on" would help me remain focused.

I became decently skilled at controlling my surroundings, nothing spectacular but I do have a few experiences I recall.

One lucid dream I was walking down a dirt road when I became conscious. I walked up to a small brick tower and went inside. Inside was bowzer from marioland, he was behind some sort of cage so he couldn't get to me but he was walking around, and there was one of those little mushroom heads walking around too. I then left the little tower and walked up to a house, some type of wooden mansion. I walked into the house and there were some doors, I said to myself ok I'm going to make a hot girl appear in this room. I didn't really concentrate on creating a hot girl I just said it to myself in the dream and then opened door to see what was there. It was a black lady i remember who wasn't as attractive as I wanted so I shut the door. I opened the same door and there was nobody but there was a large painting hanging on the wall. Not sure what happened after that.

I could never really master flying, I tried one time when I had a cool dream, I became conscious as a transformer from the tv show beast wars in a local park. I could only fly for short periods of time before coming back down to earth and when i tried to shoot lasers out of my eyes i could only do a small burst not a prolonged stream like they can do. Only one time I can remember actually being able to fly pretty good, and it was probably the coolest lucid dream I had. I was flying in heavy wind while forming tornadoes and shooting lightning bolts right beside and at this random house. Basically I was storm from X-men that time.


Theres a few stories I remember off the top of my head hope you enjoyed. I haven't had a lucid dream in a couple years now I don't really focus on doing it any more, but it was fun when I did it.

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