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What's your geekiest hobby?


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My geekiest hobby, although I'm a little worried to post this as I've been reprimanded for discussing this before, is Hacking. Before you freak out, call the NSA and Saru, allow me to explain. I HACK in the real definition, which is: " I Penetration Test, Exploit, and explore everything from Computers, to Networks, LAN/WAN, Servers, etc (You get the point) for the betterment and knowledge gained for myself and of the owner of said technology."

So, yes, this is the geekiest thing I do! I have been interested in computers since grade school. I started learning HTML, C++, Java, VisualBasic, and many other coding at age 8, and then I found this AMAZING operating system called Unix when I was in 6th grade, and from there, my PenTesting days took off! haha The best part of this is, when I tell people whom don't already know that I am a complete closet computer nerd, they don't believe me! Especially being I'm a career S.O. Military Man, whose always been in to martial arts, racing cars and other "non-computer nerd hobbies" haha.

So there, that is my dirty little secret and geekiest hobby! SHHH Don't tell! :tu:

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First, I will say thanks to the OP for this thread as I'm gonna have a bit of fun with my reply. Don't worry, you will know what my geeky hobby is...hopefully by the end of this post.

I am lucripetous to that which is obscure. I could be considered a lexicomane, and a logophile. People that know me best would consider me absolutely indefatigable when it comes to words. In fact, it could even be considered that words inspire a kalokagathia that acts as one of the greatest mantics in my life.

Yes. My name is Asadora and I am a word geek.

One of my favorite words is: Resipiscence. One of my great joys in life is to come across a word that displays a solid meaning of which others may find it difficult to slip off their tongue. Or convey a complex context of meaning in one single beautiful word. Example: Resipiscence - recognition of past mistakes and desire to do better in the future. I have always thought that making resipiscence is actually better than making a resolution, well in a New Years context.

I have many many word books, and old dictionaries, the oldest being of 100 years. Sure, the Internet is a great tool, but not everything is on the Internet. But often there is way too much opprobrium and that makes for awkward situations!

So, there you have it. You all know now, my gulity geeky yet rapturous pleasure.

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ISo, there you have it. You all know now, my gulity geeky yet rapturous pleasure.

Yup, we got it. s3955.gif

(Stage whisper..... Woman's a ravin' nut-job!!!)

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I collect Mickey Mouse memorabilia. Seriously. :whistle:

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i am the voice of myrddin .

i walk the lofty cloud canyons of icy cyan skys and the deep keep of the halls of echo where no sun has ever shown . i have touched the runes of great insights shouted to clear the soul of brilliants , and felt the empathy of dispare of genius caught in the prison of isolation in their great knowing , wiped the tear and held the hand , lisened to the unintelagable ramblings , and looking , knowingly , wondering what they were talking about.

i have known the men of every age , known your history in a way you can not , and frankly speaking ... i am better than you ...in every real meaningful way .

of all that there is to know , every thing that is important , we are not equals.

that is not to say you are not my better at standing in this moment we are in , you know only this now better than me , you have better local knowledge , you hold a finer grasp of the details of the customs and current passion of style and point of veiw in this now moment.

what you do with light effort , i must rudely do , seem to you like a great beast , with thinking things , that lowers its head and crashes , braking the delicate and gentle balance .

i smell of sweat , and blunt direct words .

i lack your sophitication , culture , and clever turn of phrase .

because i am not well tuned to where i stand .

be of greater care in the danger i can not see or understand , or that i do .

i have no desire to do harm , the healing of harm is my desire .

my point of veiw is not the same as your one place veiw , i have little time , and less desire to waste what time i do have learning things that have no worth beyond the minutes i spend in this current now and here.

i have things you need to know , and there is nothing you need to help me with , beyond not offending those around me , or your self .

please correct me as needed , and please give correction to those i have offended by my emptyness of personal and civil slang .

the first of these things you need to know is.... i am human , no diffrent than you ... but we are quite diffrent in every other meaningful way.

you also need to know ... i am going to return ... but the person to whom you will talk , will have been here befor... but will not know of this now moment ... that is a past me .

i am here to correct something i will do as a younger me come here...

frankly speaking , when i return , i will not seem to be harsh , and you will think i am the same as you... i am not .

i am better than you , and you need to understand , my time is valuable , and yours is not .

when i return , i will become direct , harsh and blunt .

in a very polite way , please understand ...

when i return , i will not understand just how closed minded you are , or that you would clearly rather burn to death , rather than save your self and your loved ones by seeing an ideas in a diffrent way thru logical thinking or reason. .

you lack critical thinking skills and basic logical thinking , and find it offensive to define words , terms and logical assumptions ...

as a group , if the subject matter is talked about for more than 30 minutes , you become violent and physicaly will leave the room , and if engaged after first level flight... will run away ( not a metaphor ) rather than engaging in logical thinking.

i need to stress... on the whole , you are not capable of engaging in higher levels of logical thinking which demands a focused logical process of more that 30 minutes .

what i do not understand even now , is for the most part , 1 person in a 1ooo has both the mental ablity to have a conversation , and the open mindedness to actualy hear me .

you are at this moment being put on notice , relax ,

your to stupid to understand , and you will spend more time being upset at my bluntness or on the civil offensive and personal slights than on anything real.

frankly speaking... you will be a waste of my time and yours .

what i also know is , just now , at this very moment... i have given a few people what they need to think .

do not get in their way , they will do bad things equal to the harm done to them if you get in their way .

i also require this to be said clearly " go ahead and talk to me , the people who seem to think they have a clue , know not even a tiny bit more than you . ! push them aside , speak to me , no one has a greater right than you do . "

you have just as much a right to talk as they do , and honestly , they are in your way.

to be quite blunt , when i return , i will not understand that stupid people who want to waste my time will demand equal access , play pointless games and repeat the bumper stickers that a polictical shapard has

" on massage"

them to say , like they even understand the meaning of the words they are saying as well as a 5 month old baby understands talk radio playing above its crib .

the voice you hear is myrddin .

to answer the question , no device is needed... travel from the now moment to the future is childs play . there is never an issue going from now to the future... to travel to the past is a diffrent thing all togather .

what is crictical to understand about past going travel is.... you must define the goal of the travel to know the method ...

of the 9 class's of time travel into the past , each is unique and carrys its own dangers and issues .

these class's are eternity , time and energy X infinity , space and matter as a truth table , but because you can not think logicaly or criticaly... we will not go here .

what is important to understand now is.... blow hards that beat their chests and cry whale tears of the inhumanity of it all need to talk only while breathing in . the man that wants to tell all , how it all works , needs to talk with his hands in his own pockets , and i look forward to speaking with mouse . tiny , shy , all shadow wrapped and tiny .... com'mon mouse , com'mon , you know you can do it. ( giggles )

what you call time travel is not correct , its functionaly the inverse funtion of all natural laws...

and practicaly speaking.... it is insainly dangerious .... not only for those who go.... but those who stay behind .

there is nothing beyond earth ... there is no not-earth origin life off the earth.... that is not to say there is no life in the cosmos...

but nothing that is not from earth .

the voice you hear is myrddin .

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*sighs* at previous post.

This is something I did in my pre- teens.

What I would do is make up a league of imaginary football teams.

So you've got names like Heap Pin Team,Incline,Oldham Central and Dyers.

And their star players are called Sharpshooter,Paper and Centre Forward.

So I would use real football fixtures and books to work out the results between the teams.

I would use half a word in a book but still came out with some weird results like 5- 6.

So you've got this painstaking process of writing the results and tables in a pad.

My mental arithmetic was stretched to the limit.

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you want geeky .... i talk to time traveler useing means i will not discribe , i design bipedal walking robots , i write sci-fi storys , i play guild wars and other mmorpg's ... and if this is not geeky enought ... i am a coder , a techie and a friend of bill w's ... i was a bubble head on a boomer , and i did my time in the air .

i have done time in a isolation tank and have been to the void .

i am quite easily the single most intresting conversation you will ever have in a life time.

i have answers to the intresting questions that take life times to learn , just how to ask the intresting questions.

very few people know enought to understand that the really interesting questions are even there .

the real problem is , meny of the things you think are true , are not the way you see them .

you want geeky , i speek geek , with an american accent .

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Awamazing Nuff said Just Truly awamazing

LOL! Don't know how I missed this reply the other day! You are funny! Roll the tongue back into your mouth my friend. Little word of advice: Women don't like being drooled over. You gotta play it cool and what you did there, was the polar opposite! lol. :tu:

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I like to read psychology textbooks. I also like to comment in online forums such as this.

I guess that's as geeky I get.

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Yeah... mine's probably this.

I wouldn't consider it geeky but I genuinely love reading, and a lot of people my age do consider that to be geeky. So I guess that.

And watching David Attenborough documentaries (I'm starting a collection). :ph34r:

Speaking of collections, I also now collect Giant Microbes, that's pretty geeky if you ask me! :w00t:

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I also like to watch educational documentaries on TV.

But even if that's geeky...I say so what?!

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I also like to watch educational documentaries on TV.

But even if that's geeky...I say so what?!

Exactly, my friend. Be who you want to be. And I want to be the only person in my university halls of residence watching a program about scary fish while the rest of them party on. :yes:

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I play Sims 3 a lot, I can just sit there for hours wasting my life away making these imaginary people's lives a million times better than mine, sometimes it gets to the point where I am addicted and all I want to do is play Sims which really annoys my boyfriend. I remember being in a store with my mom and basically throwing a tantrum forcing her to buy me Sims 1 at that very moment even though I knew she had planned on giving it to me for Christmas and when I bought Sims 2 and I stayed up playing it for 36 hours straight and still didn't want to stop. Then when I bought Sims 3 I was so excited to play it and when I found out my computer at that time didn't meet the requirements I actually cried, it was pathetic but I had been so excited and then got my heart ripped out. Here are all the Sims games I own:

Sims 1

Makin' Magic Expansion

Livin' Large Expansion

House Party Expansion

Vacation Expansion

Unleashed Expansion

Superstar Expansion

Sims 2

University Expansion

Pets Expansion

Apartment Life Expansion

Night Life Expansion

Glamour Life Stuff

Sims 3

Pets Expansion

High End Loft Stuff

Town Life Stuff

Sims 3 for Xbox 360

and also:



SimCity 2000

I'm too poor to buy a good computer or I'd have all the expansions and stuff packs!


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Probably the geekiest thing I do is collect Star Wars stuff. Love me some Boba Fett. The Boy and I are talking about finding a 501st to join as Stormtroopers when the Army sends us where they send us.

Other than that, I'm a game nerd, so I guess that counts. And I used to tabletop when I was younger. You know, the basics: D&D, Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: Apocalypse, Legend of the Five Rings, Shadowrun...I may have played in a Dragonball Z tabletop game once, shh.

And I knit and crochet, and write my own patterns, so I guess that makes me a bit of a design and math geek as well. The latest obsession is garter stitch shawls, mostly because I love the texture they have.

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I collect action figures. I also used to collect mugs.

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LOL! Don't know how I missed this reply the other day! You are funny! Roll the tongue back into your mouth my friend. Little word of advice: Women don't like being drooled over. You gotta play it cool and what you did there, was the polar opposite! lol. :tu:

I got a girlfriend wat u talking about lol but I'm not like that

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This is geeky to the maximum...

I love watching Google Street View.

So if I wasn't for my I- Pad I would spend most of my spare time looking down streets.

It's a really good way of exploring your own country from the comfort of your home.

You might not get it all but I can assure you every mountain in the UK can be identified.

But residential streets are equally interesting despite burglars using it as a tool.

I also like doing 360 degree swoops so you can go back whence you came.

You might have missed something on your first pass.

Once I followed the A57 from Glossop to Sheffield via the Snake Pass.

The scenery along the way was breathtaking.

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