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70 earthworms married in Taiwan

Still Waters

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I believe this marriage - of the earthworms to the soil of the park - will produce more beneficial results than the marriages of many human beings. In my view.

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While it all sounds very weird to us, it's a normal custom for them.

"I now pronounce you husband -earthworm and wife- earthworm"........"you may kiss the bride"...... :unsure2:

True about the normalcy of a cultures customs... Best not to judge, just observe and learn.

I understood the article to mean the worms were married to the soil, "the worms arrived Sunday at Takang Park in Tainan city inside a traditional wedding sedan draped in red cloth to "tie the knot with the soil of the park"

I guess the worms were mail order brides/grooms. Our maybe they met through evil harmony.

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All the microorganisms in my intestines are engaged. You all have to get each one a wedding present.

Well this is kind of a silly practice but it doesn't bother me in the least bit. While here in the states, people still get p***y if you mention two people of the same gender marrying...

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