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[Merged]New SARS-like mystery illness emerges

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Wow a new type of virus to worry about. SARS virusesare nothing to play with. I wonder if this was an enginered virus that got away?

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New 'Sars-like' coronavirus identified by UK officials

A new respiratory illness similar to the Sars virus that spread globally in 2003 and killed hundreds of people has been identified in a man who is being treated in Britain.




this is no joke

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Licorice root was found to immediately kill SARS.

But since there is a huge trend to use licroce root as a sweetener, web-MD, whore to Big Phama, has come out with this issuance:

http://www.medscape....rticle/769121_2 (requires free registration)

Licorice Abuse: Time to Send a Warning Message: Historical Background

Of course, present medical science wants us to get sick so they downplay the real virtues of licorice root. It isn't that the dangers of licorice root with it's reduction in potassium in the body are solely in play here. It is that today's foods are deficient in potassium and that American diets are potassium poor.

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Like anyone would believe the statements of the WHO these days. I cannot help forgetting that they hyped up the swine flu to make money for pharm companies.


Sadly, mainstream media neglected to notify us of this scam. But it still got out, thank all the gods above below, beyond and within.


New virus not spreading easily between people: WHO


a side note


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Just wait until the one that does spread easily gets started.

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