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Haunted Shadow

Universal Constance: The Haunted Shadow

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Based on a life time of personal experiences I have writen a paranormal science fiction story. Underlining my work is a general theme "The shortest distance between two people is a state of mind" Learn more about the laws which govern our universe as you follow Constance.



Strange events surround Constance. She sees shadows and gains time. Key moments in her life become entangled with bizarre distant worlds. As you enter the reality of Constance normal events take on deeper meanings. Alien abduction, near death experiences, drug induced hallucinations and terminal illness, all become gateways to a distant world. There is life out there in the Universe, strange and unimaginable life surviving on worlds we may never physically reach. To some people however, distance isn't measured by space alone. Constance is on a mission of self understanding. Each personal tragedy takes Constance closer to learning her true nature. Finally, having transported herself to a distant planet moments before death, she's free to discover her true potential. Is that really enough? In a near perfect society, thousands of light years away and perhaps millions of years in her future, all she really wants is to go home.

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