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Hi from Kepler 22b

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Hi All.

I'm a web developer by day and a hobbyist amateur animator by night. I'm completely fascinated with aliens ever since my older sister

made me sit through Ridley Scott's Alien. I spent the next couple of days with a piece of tupperware over my face so that I would'nt

get attached by a face hugger! :)

Anyway, around May this year I started animating in 2D and my subject matter was life on another planet, namely Kepler 22B, which

as I am sure most of you will know was recently discovered by the Kepler Telescope as being in a goldilocks orbit around it's sun.

So I spawned a coupld of animated videos as to what life might be like on that planet, and what the inhabitants would look like and

act like. Here's my latest animation, since we recently had our 2012 Olympics, I thought it only appropriate that the Kepletians have theirs too.


Let me know what you guys think, thanks in advance.

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