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Haunted Shadow

A month in the life of your soul

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Haunted Shadow

Just thinking into my keyboard.

76years. a life time.

One of the most common arguments against reincarnation is simple "we can't remember them".. seems fare enough.

13 moons in 1 year. as a watch the moon from new birth to it's final days I think of my past.

What if our souls see a life time as equal to the passing of the moon. 76yrs x 13 lives that's about 1000 years.

For every 1000 years we are on this planet does our soul age a year?

Still why don't we recall our past lives?

Let me ask a child, say 5 years old... a soul that is 5 years old would have lived 65 life times. surrely they'd recall one of them.

So I turn to a small child next to me and i ask "what did you do last month?" Odd how the 5 year old can't remember, they guess at memories most from our current day. They get creative and make things up, ideas and false memories that any adult can see through as pretend.

Then the adult reminds the child. It's easy for an adult to recall the past, even the past of others.

So, if the best argument against reincarnation is lack of memory, why doubt those who can recall... it's childish.

The best evidence you have that yesterday happened is your memories.

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Shabd Mystic

One of the most common arguments against reincarnation is simple "we can't remember them".. seems fare enough.

The idea of reincarnation (and karma - "ye reap what ye sew" and "an eye for an eye" and other such things in the Bible) is that God made us forget all previous lifetimes because He wanted this existence to continue. We keep coming back until we are finally able to earn his "Grace" and we are shown the True Path Home.

According to history's great teachers who taught reincarnation, we are not allowed to remember our previous lifetimes because if we did recall them then we would know everything we did "wrong" and we would never make the same mistakes so we wouldn't have to keep coming back again and again and again.

The teachers of reincarnation say that "impressions" are left from previous lifetimes, but that is all we are allowed. (Which explains many things such as why some are born gifted musicians or born with a deep fear of water or heights, or different passions or things we hate, and so many other things.)

The goal of the human birth, the ONLY goal though few are ever aware of it, is to find God and to find the true Path Home. But only thiose "marked souls" whjo have earned that Grace in previous lifetimes will ever find it in this lifetime no matter how hard they search (but that intense search and effort will be rewarded in the next lifetime or the one after that as long as you live a good and honest life).

At least that is what many great mystics have taught for thousands of years. ;)


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