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A haunting in Natomas

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Cheleim Umpst: It is Saturday night, September 27th at 10:00 p.m. Tonight’s HPI team assembles outside of a charming little house in the older era neighborhood in Natomas. Gina de la Rosa, the current resident, acquired the home from her Grandmother, Josephine about 2 years ago. She explains some strange phenomenon and feelings that she has experienced in her time in the house. Toys have turned on by themselves, shadows are seen, and the unsettled feeling in the back bedroom of the home is so great to her that she does not allow the two small children to sleep in there. The children are 1 and 2 years old. Gina also does not like to spend time in the back yard, which is about ¼ acre. She explained that her father stepped in a large, 6 foot deep hole in the yard, he covered in up but it is unknown where the hole came from. Dave Mace, HPI Investigator explained that the hole could be a sink hole, probably coming from the septic system. This seemed like a plausible explanation. The team spent some time in the yard and took several photos there. There was many orb photos taken but considering the dry conditions, dust probably accounted for most of them.

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