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Location / Companion: Relevant or Not?

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Good day UM people.

After being a member of this community for several days now, I'm finally making an effort to connect more with the activity rather than to stay at the background and lurk around. Haha!

WARNING: This post will be long.

On the topic I've mentioned on the title of this thread; I would like to consult you guys with your views, similar / somewhat the same experiences, and scientific / paranormal studies regarding these things i've experience or not experienced in the past few years.

As you can see, I'm originally from a country in South East Asia, called the Philippines. It's a tropical country that usually experiences a lot of climatic activity. Aside from the fact that we as a country is known to be supersticious and is really open to the idea of entities beyond the world of the living. Hence, there are a lot of "paranormal encounters" you'll be hearing from the people you talk to. Well, not probably all of them, but most of them believe in ghosts and other unworldly beings.

Growing up in a place where you're surrounded with both the modern and old-fashioned belief, there comes a time where you tend to question what you believe in, and dig deep down into the matter.

There was one instance where me and my brother were heading home, we were walking along the road and upon reaching home, I then went to work on my computer to draw and listen to music at the same time. After a while, I heard this voice from my right ear, like a whisper (if you've seen Harry Potter the movie, the sound of the slitherin tongue, that's somewhat how it sounded as I can't make out what I heard). After hearing that, or so I thought of hearing something, I just brushed it off, thinking that it's just my mind playing tricks on me. Or probably a distortion from the song. I tried playing it back, but there's nothing of the same sort of sound that came from it.

Note: I was wearing headphones.

After doing so, I then continued my stuff. A few minutes went by, and I heard another sound. I then removed my headphones quickly, but still, I can hear the sound to my right. I stared my bed which was located at the same direction but nothing was there. Suddenly, I felt a cold feeling of a hand of some sort on my back, like a distinct feeling that someone was pressing their hand on my back, but it was cold. After having that experience, I rushed to my brother, whom was watching TV in the living room.

I told him what happened, and knowing that he's open to these kinds of stuff, he didn't call me off, but instead, told me to look at the mirror (which happens to be a full body mirror in the living room). But I didn't dare doing it, as I'm afraid of seeing something I don't want to see. From the moment I told my brother that, the cold feeling on my back suddenly went away, as if it was just trying to let itself get noticed, or so I think.

Before my and my brother went to bed, we were talking about the experience, and while we're sharing what happened, there was this mist-like figure that manifested just above our room. We were both stunned, and wasn't able to explain what that was. As we don't usually consider something as paranormal unless we weren't able to prove it otherwise. However, as stunned as we were, we forgot to even try to debunk what happened. All we know is that the windows were closed, there's no way that smoke can enter the room. None of us smoke, and neither will there be someone burning dried leaves at the neighbors' yards.

After that experience, we just probably left it unsolved and considered it as unexplained / paranormal activity. Up until this day, we cannot prove it otherwise.

As to why the title of this post was named as such. I am currently working in the Middle East for more than 3 years now, but up to no avail, there're aren't really any experiences like that whatsoever.

Now, that I've given you a small background of where I came from and my experiences, I would like to ask you guys and gals on what your views are regarding so called paranormal activities, is it relative to the location or country of origin? Or is it even relative to the people you are with?

Was my experience considered as paranormal?

Looking forward to your feedback.


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Hi zeunara, nice to meet you...

I find what you shared to be interesting. However, I remain skeptical after reading your account. Paranormal is a vague term and it could be thrown around a lot (and it often really is) to denote things or events that we may not easily comprehend or maybe find an explanation to. You were very specific in your details and your post was very open to interpretation, which I found to be pleasant. I would like to point out to you the fact that the human mind (with all its emotions, anticipation of future events, distractions, cultural/social/familial influences, etc.) can be very complicated and most often, tends to play tricks with the individual. Paranormal is only what you make it to be. Like you mentioned, you were wearing headphones (which you removed later on), plus you had some amount of a fright when you experienced the incident. Sometimes, the source of a sound can be very different from what you expect it to be. Also, it is very normal that a person may see or hear things, and then perceive them very differently from what they actually may be. Sometimes we observe or notice only what we expect to find, right? I wouldn't say that it was all just a big nothing, but I would like to ask you to take into consideration the possibility that it might have been just something that you didn't quite expect, and furthermore your mind (which already was in a slight state of shock) had a role in making you feel that something supernatural or paranormal was at play on that faithful day. The rest is really upto your own interpretation of what actually might have happened. Think about it. Take care and have a pleasant day.

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Posted (edited)

Thank you for sharing your views. :D

I do agree that the mind play tricks on us most of the time. And yes, as I study the unexplained things further, I remain open minded that there's a possibility of an explanation beyond our understanding. It just leaves us having more questions that answers. But yeah, now that you've mentioned it, I really think of it as something related to the influences of our surroundings.

However, I've experienced several more incidents wherein I tried debunking it, and after researching proves further the existence of an unseen world from ours. :)

And the sound would probably be just matrixing, don't you think?

Just to let others know about me further, I'm not a skeptic / sceptic, I'm more of an observant believer so to speak. :) I'd rather try to debunk it first up to the very last possible way, until I consider something unexplained.

--- On a side note, nice to meet you too. ^^

Edited by zeunara

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Hi zeunara :)

Thanks for sharing your story with us .. I was just wondering, why didn't you dare to take a look in the mirror when you felt the sensation of someone/something weird being in your vicinity??

I am asking that because I'm curious to know if there are some specific superstitions/beliefs about seeing entities in the mirror where you are from? I like hearing stories/ superstitions about mirrors, as we have loads of them where I'm from ..

Thanks :)

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