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bombs in baleares island,

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i'm surprised by the spanish police. they detected a young men, that hate to the univerisity of baleares, because he posted a post about Coloumbine killer. after five months recording all actions of this boy, the police cought him with 150kg of material to build bombs.

A good job.

but, why they didn't do the same with the 11march bombs in the trains?

items to consider:

The spanish police has a interceptor of all phone calls, wired and mobile. they use a voice analysis machine to detect risky words into the conversation of the spanish people, random selection.

The police stoped, some days before the explosions, two vans with more than 500kg of explosives driving to Madrid. one driven by ETA, and other by a boy and a police confidence.

The bad guys used mobile phones for all their comunications. Most of them were collaborators with the police, small criminals.

But they couldnt stop the terrorism act.


without full rights as CIA or FBI have on most webs, to read and index all contents, without a global solution as Echelon, they found that bad boy.

so, we can conclude that the spanish police has a rate of 50% of success.

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