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Keel M.

Hike Becomes Quest to Find Writer of Letter

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I always find stories like this very cool. I really hope Mr Wright finds Mr Taylor.

A regular trek in California's Sequoia National Park took an unexpected turn with the discovery of a 40-year-old note lodged inside a canister.

On Sept. 8, Oakland resident Larry Wright, his son Aaron, and grandson Skyler were part of a larger group on an 11- day hike near Milestone Mountain.

"We climbed this peak in order to see a lake, but there was this hump below us which blocked our view. So we decided to go down a few feet to see the lake and that's when I saw, completely by chance, a rusty canister," Larry Wright told ABC News.

Wright threw away the canister but held on to what he believed was its valuable content. "The canister was possibly for a Kodak film and had a metal screw. It was almost entirely buried in soil," said Wright.

Inside the canister was a note, in mint condition, written by 13-year-old Tim Taylor in 1972. It read: "Tim Taylor climbed to this peak, Thursday, August 17, 1972. Age 13 years. Anyone finding this note please write."

Full story

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We found a balloon in our field once that had a note in it. We replied to the address but didn't get an answer.

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