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How Did Dinosaurs Sleep?

Still Waters

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Its gonna be adorable if they would hang from their tail lol..

I'd like to see that tree where T-Rex was hanging from, lol.

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I think if you look at birds you will find that some dinosaurs slept like this, especially bipedal, and very likely the four legged type like our current horses, bovine. And some even resting on their sides like rhinos.

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The bigger the creature the more likely it was to sleep standing up, think about it for a second what happens to a beached whale it hits dry land and slowly crushes itself. Granted it doesn't have legs and so can't adjust itself But still how much bigger were the dinos than the whales of today? even with the dino's legs many of them weighed a lot more than a whale and to top that many preditors hunt at night, If this was also true with dino preditors then being asleep on the ground was a death sentence for anything caught that way.

You can't compare whales with dinosaurs because whales evolved in water, while dinos evolved on land.

Their skeletal structure was way different.

And most whales were as heavy or heavier than most dinosaurs, btw.

Maybe only the sauropods slept standing up.

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I'd like to see that tree where T-Rex was hanging from, lol.

I would as well because it'll be as big as a Redwood.

It'll be so huge it would be worthy of a nickname today.

Tbh I can't see any dinosaurs perching in a tree.

People tend to put too much emphasis on the fact that birds are living dinosaurs.

If dinosaurs are going to sleep it will be on their feet or with their legs tucked in.

It really depends on their size and I'm sure whichever species it is will have found a system.

But one thing I know for sure are T-Rex's prey sleeping with one eye open.

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I never really thought about after I fell asleep on me feet with my back on a wall. Although now all I can picture is other dinos playing a game of T-rex tipping as a rite in to adulthood.

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I can't see why somebody would be so dismissive..

It's fun to speculate about how dinosaurs do stuff we take for granted.

They are the kingpins of prehistory and can't be trivialised.

Tbh without sleep how the eck is any species going to function.

So it's important as how they utilise all five senses,eat and even reproduce.

I think some of the smaller ones could even hibernate.

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