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I do you don't

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Falling notes linger in the air

after arguing over

who cares?

I do you don't

feelings that won't go away

but you dispelled them

and me

Ants covered a stepping stone

ignored their mound for days

poison the old-fashion way

but now the sand won't go away

hoping for a good hard breeze

or else I'll have to get the blower

I forgot a broom would be easier

Fly to me or sail

candle flames burn to the saints

don't be afraid

dreams only light the way

rain will heavy your wings

wind will rise the waves

fly inbetween the two

take care

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If someone doesn't seem to care about your feelings or how you feel then they probably don't care about you.

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Actually the first stanza is about two people in a relationship, the statements apply to both of them since they both think the same about the other, even if they do care for each other they just do not know how to show it.

Relationships of all types are a skill and some who suffer from personality disorders have a hard time with all relationships. Nothing that you said but some do think if someone does something like not show they care that maybe they do not deserve to be in a relationship but I assure you even those who do suffer from personality disorders and at times might seem like they do not care (symptom) also are human and need relationships too.

Additional notes on this poem for any interested parties: the first stanza is the past, the second is the present, and the last is the future. Or to be more specific the first is the problem, the second is the solution, and the last is the hard work required to get there, you know the place that normal people get to go to with having a healthy relationship.

This poem gives me great hope. I wrote it to myself.

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