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Is it possible or am I just delusional?

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Around the age of 8, I would always seem to know where things were. I remember having no clue where I set my gameboy, then I'd "ask" my stuffed animal where it was, and the location would just pop up in my head. It would be in the weirdest places, too. Such as my mother's closet, or the laundry basket. As I got older, I began to look back on these experiences and I got more fascinated with the whole psychic abilities topic. I remember doing a small "test" where you place water in a clear glass, and concentrate, as if you were picking the water up and letting it run through your fingers. After a while, I felt a very warm sensation in my arms, and it looked as if little water droplets were falling in and out of the cup. When I was about 11 or 12, I would have dreams, but they'd be really....weird I guess? For example, I would just dream of a small flame, and the next day, the fire alarm at school would go off. I also remember that if I thought a boy was cute, I would just start thinking of them, and my hands would get a tingling sensation in them, and the next day, they would be talking to me, like some sudden realization that I existed. Now, I am 13, and I feel like it's still there...but not as much. I will have random phrases or words pop into my head and one of the students sitting around me will say it. I will also have dreams about people I have never talked to before, and they will talk to me the very next day. A couple weeks ago I had a dream of a girl who I have NEVER talked to in my life, and I remember in my dream that she was trying to start drama with me, and get me angry. Well, the next day, she started talking to me on facebook. I've just been avoiding her because I'm not sure if I'm just thinking that it's a sign. I used to be able to guess what number or name people were thinking of right off the bat, but now it's not so much. But I have noticed that I can instantly guess it correctly when I am around an ouija board, or just feel some sort of presence. What does that mean? So, is it possible I have psychic abilities? Or am I just delusional? If I don't practice this.."gift" will it go away?

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Professor T

Hi, Welcome to UM. :)

You're not delusional.. don't ever except that as an explaination.

It sure sounds like you're Psychic to me.. & have a pretty well honed insight for the future..

I can't answer many of your questions, I'm just a newbie here with these things.. But I would suggest that you put the ouija board away. My one experiance with the ouija board was not a very positive thing. Others here can give you more info on if or how to practice.

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it is possible that you have some abilities based purely on the fact that it's possible that anyone does. i am not challenging your post but neither will i take it as anything more than a story - i'm sure you understand that so many people post similar tales on here to create a reaction.

in any case, if you truly feel that you are psychic i doubt anything you do or don't do is going to stop it from happening. better to try to work with it and understand how to use it in your life.

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the eternal me

a lot of people go through things like this when they are young...

its normal.... its a natural part of you...

it has subsided right now because of the changes happening in you...

physically and mentally...

right now you have the option to close the door on it...

but i don’t think that is what you truly want...

as Jgirl said..... just accept it....

and let it be...

it will notify you of things to come good or bad....

and later when everything starts to settle down again....

you will notice it getting stronger again....

all a part of growing up....

don’t worry to much about it...

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John from Lowell


You know its not delusion with that volume of validations. Your psychic skills are very good. What has kind of slowed them down is your desire to fit in with those with less skills.

Telepathy is the central skill that has assisted you. When you see it as a "shared experience" many of your experiences can be better understood. The girl in your dream that wished to cause you grief is reflecting an ever growing element of energy in our culture at this time. There is a Great Shift forward in consciousness taking place at this time. The old energies will resist the evolvution of that. I suspect that at some deeper level you wish to assist humanity in very particular ways. This girl knows that and desires to distract you with anger.

There are any number of ways to proceed with advancing your skills and personal potentials(empowerment). You may wish to reflect on your truest intentions and discover more about your inner most wisdom and aspirations.

Best Wishes!!


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You're not making up stuff.not at all :) it's always the first reaction to ask ''I am making it all up ?'' I did that also.But then you realise its true and start accepting it :)

We all have gifts ,its easier for some to express them though :)

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