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Roy Perry

What is the face of the deep because it was w

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God first/Jesus was the illusion of a man /Christ was the real man of God

\ the man of flesh was the cunning serpent the atheist\ God Last

What is the face of the deep because it was without form and void?


The Face of the Deep was not God it was the reflection of what we became after our falling state becoming sin nature that we put ourself in. We had a choice to do what is right or what is wrong toward all of the creation that came nowhere and nothing. God is only the word we used for exampling what has no beginning and no end that seems to from nowhere.

The Refection shines from side unto the end of all things otherwise there is no end as there was no beginning because it is recreation of itself from itself. Matter has a law all things die to grow into new things a never ending decay unto growth of the next life from what die. So we are the Face of the deep always creative another life kind so look our sounds travel across the Face of the deep making us everywhere and everything of matter.

Science looks at how we got here but looking to see how everything came into itself otherwise never understanding to find out how we got here you must trance everything pass. Otherwise you must study everything together that made of matter not just looking at your pass or the earth pass but everything. Like the lie that we only can trow things in hit a target but dogs can too but lets look at simple a seal can trow a ball to each other and there other animals too.

We might use it in war but so does the Ape everything to get the win over the next creature many animals trow things at each other in play or battle. Just because a mice can hear good does not mean we evolve from mice that like we evolve from raccoons because they have a hand like our own hand. Now I do care whether we have something to do with another animal evolving history or not I care where it all begin.

Otherwise were did matter evolve from because you must unlock the mystery of how we got matter to understand how everything evolve alone the way. Sure Christians will say God creative it but no answer because it is just a possible way of getting things without the how God did it gets me no answer.

Saying God creative the heaven and the earth does not tell me where matter came from because in the heaven and earth is made of matter so that no true answer.

Understanding where matter came from one must understand where antimatter came from too and understanding where we got antimatter and matter while one must understand where we got the space for them too. While we get smaller with even more questing one must answer them all to get the beginning of all life. Even a rock has life otherwise there is DNA for rocks in a rock DNA telling us how it evolve alone the way of it life to its decay.

Like the order of our planets we must add our sun because from its gravity it is form from so without the reason that one orbit hold to hold all orbits to itself. There must be one greater mass that hold all mass together because reason points to that. That greater Mass must be made of something that not antimatter or matter something out of this world.

This thing that people do not like to call God is more than god can be and less than any god he is something more powerful and less I call him my God but just me. You have free will do believe in my God or not because your mind might tell you this powerful mass is just a thing that was made of matter or antimatter and not outside both. So I will leave you with this think outside the box of science while thinking outside the box of religion think outside every box that you can come up with thank you with love and a holy kiss blowing your way from Roy.

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The "face of the deep" was before man or animals or vegetation were created. Therefore, it cannot be a reflection of man's corrupt nature.

The first thing that is stated is that God created heaven (singular) and earth. And God did that "in the beginning." We don't know when the beginning of this creation was; but it is the first thing God created.

Next statement in the Bible: And the earth was confusion (without form) and emptiness (void) and darkness was upon the face of the deep. In Issaiah 34:11 the save Hebrew words "tohu & bohu" that have been translated "without form and void" are translated "confusion and emptiness" in Isaiah 34:11.

We are supposed to compare scripture with scripture to get confirmation and clarity. Substituting Isaish 34:11 translation gives another picture of something that happened to God's creation of heaven and earth in the beginning. The scripture says "God is not the author of confusion." Therefore, God did not start a creation with the first step being in a state of confusion and emptiness. When God created heaven and earth, it was not in a state of confusion.

The author of confusion is Lucifer. He had been given for a covering of the earth. Thus the Spirit of God moved upon the face of waters and saw what had become of His creation under the authority of Lucifer.

The "face of waters" was the earth completely submerged in water. Darkness was there, showing spiritual darkness as a result of Lucifer. With this excess of water, on Day Three, God placed a goodly portion of the water above a firmament God created above and around the earth. This is the only day God did not step back and look at His creation and pronounce it, "Good." Good for His purposes. Good never meant holy, or perfect. It meant good for a plan God set in motion. It is the first sting operation to catch the devil and his angels. God is under the same rules that He required of the Jews. Conviction by two witnesses - - - not on what you know, it has to be based on proof. Not circumstance evidence.

You might notice, Adam was naked and was not ashamed. Nudity is a sin whether you realize it is or not. God created Adam of flesh. Anything short of the glory of God is sin. Flesh is corruptible. Flesh is sin. God created Adam as flesh (sin). God is using sin to catch Lucifer in his sin.

After Adam gained the knowledge of good and evil, he hid from God. Not because he had disobeyed and eaten of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. He hid because he was naked. God had not told him nudity was a sin. As soon as he got this knowledge, he realized it was a sin.

Lying is also a sin. Adam lied to Eva and said if she touched the fruit she would die. No one had eaten of the fruit up to that time. Therefore, sin was already present in the world and they need the good news to know what was a sin and what a righteousness.

God bless us all is my prayer.

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God first

thanks Abramelin and Copen

yes the earth was there in the beginning but what you think we are made of

Genesis 2:7 And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

Genesis 3:19 In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

we are dust and the earth and the heaven are made of dust

with love and a holy kiss Roy

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The first six days of creation, everything was spoken into existence. The Bible says God does everything twice for a strong consolation. (Hebrews 6:18) Genesis creation is full of twos of everything. The substance everything was created out of was nothing. There was no dust before earth was created. God spoke and it just happened. Wow! What a God!

Protein does not happen naturally from a combintion of chemicals. Protein is a divine creation. We are flesh.

Now, look at day EIGHT. The next day after the Sabbath rest is Day Eight. Over and over in the Bible numbers have a meaning. We instinctively know that seven is God's number of a complete unit. The number eight is used many time in the Bible when there is a --beginning again that which already is. Numbers reveal deeper meanings of scripture. On Day Eight, God is beginning again that which already is. Yet everything created is created slightly different. That is so that readers can see it is two different creations. Day Eight creation, the finger of God scoops up dust and molds a man like a potter with a lump of clay. This was Adam, the first Jew. Can scientists scoop up dust and mix with chemicals and create protein? To ask the question what is man made of is pointless unless it is given to us in the Bible. It is beyond man's capability and required something divine.

Day Six creation was male and female, both at the same time. They were spoken into being by the God Elohim. The name, Elohim, means plural and is implied Triune Godhead. This is the way Gentiles have known God as Triune.

Day Eight creation was man, by himself. He was created by God Jehovah. That is the primary way Jews have known and worshipped Him. Jehovah being One not Triune. They are the same God. Creation was dictated to one man, Moses, but used two different names of Himself so show the different creations.

By two different creations, God keeps Gentiles separate from Jews. Because God was going to keep a true religion and that true line was going to be the line in which the Messiah would come and bruise the head of the serpent, Satan. Adam was given a proper, (capitalized) name, Man. Jesus was the Son of Man. Showing He is a direct descendant of Adam.

Romans 5: 14 says Adam is a figure of Jesus. A figure is a foreshadow. It would cover pages to detail that subject. Perhaps I will start a subject on that. Anyway, "By one man, sin entered..." That was Lucifer. He was given for a covering of the earth before man was created. The Bible says Adam transgressed -- David transgressed. No where except ONCE in the Catholics' Apocrpha (misp) which is not divine scripture does it say Adam sinned and all creation fell because of him. Bull _ _ _ _!!! Remember the measure stick for truth? "God gives an oath -- God gives everything twice for our strong consolation."

If Man is a foreshadow of Jesus, then Eva, (prefix of the Hebrew "evangelize"), is a foreshadow of the church. Created out of Adam's wound in his side, the church was also created at Pentecost after the wound in Jesus' side. Adam was placed in Jerusalem of Israel and that is where the entire Bible is focused.

There is a place on the maps named Adam that is just beyond the Jordan. I would love to see it because it just might have the fingure print of where God scooped out the dust and created Adam.

Jesus was baptized to begin His ministry beyond the Jordan. It probably is the same place Adam was created. Because after Adam was created, he was placed in the Garden of Eden, which from the descriptions is Israel. After Jesus was baptized He crossed the Jordan and went into the Decapolis cities and began His ministry. (You know Decapolis is the 10 toes of Daniel's prophecy which Jesus attacked. And after Jesus that whole beast crumbled and fell.)

May God bless us all and keep us is my prayer.

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