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Princess for a day

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Princess for a day

Long ago, there lived a young girl named Arietta. She lived with her parents in a small cottage, in the English countryside. Arietta had a few chores daily, and was free to roam when she had completed them. She loved to explore the countryside, but never really getting too far away from home.

One morning as she was exploring, she noticed what appeared to be an overgrown path leading into the woods, just off the roadway she was on. Her curiosity got the better of her, so she slowly made her way into the path dodging and twisting to avoid the vines. A little way in she saw sunlight coming in through the forest above and lighting upon a large clearing. Within the clearing she saw an old abandoned cottage. She slowly walked around the cottage and her face lit up. There, in the back , was a large garden in a raised rock bed of the most beautiful flowers and herbs she had ever seen. There were weeds within that garden too, but the flowers were simply over powering. The flowers, to name a few were, Speedwells, Comfreys, Forget-me-nots, Garden pinks, Cowslips, Peonies, and several types of Violets."I am going to clean this up" Arietta said with determination in her voice. And clean she did. By early afternoon, she had about a quarter of the garden cleaned spotless.

Over the next few days Arietta toiled in that garden till not a weed remained. The flowers now stood out like they had been polished to perfection. Exploration was no longer a concern for Airetta, for she now had found something that gave her a greater joy than that of discovery, she had a garden to tend to!

Everyday, weather permitting, Arietta was tending to the garden. Butterflys and Bees seemed like an endless stream, coming and going, and the sight of that was beautiful to Arietta also.

Once, Arietta caught a glimpse of a deer standing at the edge of the clearing looking at her."Hello deer" Arietta cried in an almost songful voice. With that the deer skampered off. "Let's hope you liked my beautiful garden for it looks and not to eat" she said, knowing the deer was no longer close enough to hear her. "There will be no eating of my garden" She said in a matter of factly voice.

Winter came and blanketed the land in snow, and Arietta knew that she had to let the garden go, at least till Spring, then she would be back at it again. She played in doors that winter, and though she had a few toys to keep her occupied, her thoughts drifted back to the garden, time and time again.

One morning Arietta's mother awoke her and said to her, "After you eat your breakfast, you can go to that garden of yours, little missy"."Spring has arrived!" With those words Arietta sprung from the bed, and began getting dressed as fast as she could. "Slow down Arietta!" her mother cried. "You have the whole day ahead of you." "I know mother, but I haven't seen the garden for months, and I am anxious to see it again!" Arietta replied. "I know that girly, that's why I woke you early." "At least eat your breakfast slowly before you choke on it." her mother told her. "I will mother, and I will bring you home some flowers today!" Arietta said, her face beaming like sunshine.

Ariettas father had cleared the path leading to the abandoned cottage somewhat the last summer, so Arietta no longer had to twist her way through a maze of overgrown shubbery. She had skipped down the road till she reached the path, then she ran as she entered it. She ran around the corner of the cottage only to stop dead in her tracks. The flowers were all dead.

She cried on the way home, and upon reaching the house, her mother asked her, "What is the matter, Arietta?" "All the flowers are dead mother." "We have flowers around our cottage, and in the field, but the ones in the garden are dead" She stated. "Arietta." her mother said, tenderly, "You must remember, the garden is within a forest, so It doesn't get sunlight like we have here, or in the meadows." "Give it time, and the garden will come to life again." Those words echoed in Ariettas mind all the rest of that day.

The next day Arietta walked to the garden, not expecting to see a difference, so she was in no hurry to get there. She slowly walked up to the garden, and gently looked it over. Ariettas eyes almost immediately welled with tears as she stifled her emotions. There on all the brown tangle of what used to be her garden stood a new green leaf. Her mother was right.

Within a few weeks Ariettas garden was beginning to really come alive. There were no blooms yet,but the brown was almost all replaced by new green shoots. She knew the blooms were a matter of time. She kept busy by picking weeds that kept trying to get root in her garden and she wasn't going to allow that!

One day, Arietta arrived at the garden to see three types of flowers abloom. "Thank you,Thank you, Thank you!" Arietta yelled, head held to the sky. Joy had now returned to her garden. A few butterflys made thier way in also, as did a few bees. As Arietta was tending to the garden she saw out of the corner of her eye what she thought was a particularly large butterfly. She turned to look at it, and three feet from her was a Fairy! She had heard stories of the fairies and was told they were real by some, and folklore others. But either her eyes were decieving her, or she was looking at a real fairy. A beautiful woman, in white silk, dreamlike wings that really couldn't be seen, yet there, and a wreath of tiny flowers in her golden hair. She stared into the green eyes of the fairy, not afraid, but enchantingly mesmerized not only by her beauty but by what she appeared to be. Then her doubts were erased when the fairy spoke.

"Arietta, I am Tianna." "Over the past year I have watched you care for this garden with love and tenderness" "This was my solitude, but it shall remain yours too" "I will grant you one wish, for as you so love this garden, so do I" Arietta, forgetting she was speaking to a fairy simply replied, "I wish to be a princess so people may serve me." The fairy replied "The real purpose of a princess is to serve Arietta, not be served." "When you learn what this means, then you will understand what I say." "Your wish will happen someday, but you will only be Princess for a day" With that the Fairy simply faded and vanished into thin air.

The rest of the day, Arietta sat and looked at the garden proud of her accomplishments as the beauty was really once more, starting to show. Had she dazed off and imagined the fairy? Even if she had, how could she remember the words she had spoken to her. About how a princess was to serve and not be served? And what good would being a princess for a day do anyhow? She must have daydreamed it, she convinced herself. With that she headed home.

On her way home she came across a peasant who was carrying morels, radishes and other assortments of food. Half of it had dumped into the ditch upon loosing a wheel. "Sir may I be of help to you?" She asked. "No." he replied. "I can't have you getting hurt." "I can replace the wheel by myself, it will take some time though" "Thank you anyhow miss." Arietta walked past the cart when she heard the peasant say, "Wait." "Maybe you can be of help" "If you can gather all the stuff that has rolled into the ditch I would be grateful, just put it in piles by the cart" The peasant said. "Gladly" Arietta beamed.

As Arietta was in the ditch gathering, she heard horses close by and looked up to see a dozen or so horses from the kingdom all riden by nobles, squires, Knights, even the Prince was among them. She had never seen the Prince before. He was around twelve or thirteen she guessed, around her age. She thought he was handsome, quite charming indeed.

"You there, do you or your father need assistance?" The Prince inquired. "He is not my father, my Lord" "I simply was passing by and offered aid" She replied. "Well out of that ditch, with you" He demanded. I can't have a fair maiden like you getting filthy" he said with a grin. She smiled and came out of the ditch. "What is your name" he asked. "Arietta, my Lord" she replied. Hopping off his horse he held out his hand to her and said "My name is Prince David" Instead of taking his hand she bowed instead and replied "Pleased to meet you my Lord" He laughed and said, "Oh, Arietta, no need for protocol here."

He instructed his men to help the peasant while he alone chatted with Arietta. He inquired where she lived, and what she did to pass her time. She told him of the garden, and how she tended to it, and how it bought her much joy. She even told him where it was. Finally the cart was ready and the Prince and his men departed, and before going he said he would see her again someday, with her blessing. She told him to come back anytime.

Before going, she asked him why, being a Prince had he stopped to help a peasant. "Being in a position of power, helping someone in need is never lowering yourself." "To me, helping is my way of serving those in my kingdom." "Like you in that ditch, that was a noble thing to do Arietta." "Filthy, but noble" he teased.

Finishing her walk home she wondered if she had learned what the Fairy said about serving and not being served as a Princess. She had stopped to help a peasant, but that was her nature. She would help anyone in need. And whether she remained Arietta or one day became Princess Arietta, she would help anyone in need, and that must be the same as serving. If only for a day, she bemused.

The following summer Arietta was in the garden, once again pleased with the results of her efforts and the beauty that radiated from the garden. Every year the garden seemed to grow thicker with beauty. She heard the neighing of a horse and turned to see a lone Prince David atop it. "Why hello, my Lord" Arietta said, while doing a curtsy. "Hello, fair maiden" He replied with a smile.

For the next several years the Prince would visit Arietta several times throughout the year.He knew where to find her too. They spent many joyous days together, talking, trading tales, and plenty of laughter that filled the soul with happiness.

One day, as Arietta was tending the garden, the sound of many horses startled her. She turned to see Prince David, with around what she estimated fifty or so of his men. Wondering what all this was about she said nothing as Prince David dismounted and approached her.

"Arietta, my father has passed, and in two days, I will be coronated as King" He said. "I call many of my Knights, squires and noblemen this day, to witness my asking your hand in marriage." Her only reply, in a stunned voice was "Yes" But I do apologize for one thing Arietta." he said. "What is that my Lord?" she inquired. "Today, I ask your hand in marriage, tomorrow at this garden we shall be married; And the day after I shall be coronated KIng and you shall be coronated Queen." "I apologize you will be Princess, but for a day."

This is my first attempt ever at writing. The idea came to me today at work, and I wrote this in 3 hours, forgive typos etc. This is a rough as my middle daughter will be editing it.

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I loved it, and it has a great ending that fits just perfect with the story. Well done :tu:

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I liked it :)

Think it made a good short story.

Edited by Mnemonix

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Thank you both for the kind words, they are encouraging :)

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