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ultimate geek


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ultimate geek

dreams are something which don't have perfect theory till now

i found how dreams occur.

generally dreams occur in the rem period of sleep

in nrem period the spinal cord and the brain are busy repairing the damaged body

after it gets completed the rem stage starts.In this stage there is no work for brain to do.

but brain take no rest it always processes the information.Generally the information is given by the body parts

like eyes,nose,ears,hands,legs and all other inner parts of the body via spinal cord.

In rem period these sends some signals but brain don't know what to do with them.because you dont asign a task

so brain perfoms all the possible tasks on it.

you may think that the dreams are irrelevant not about the things present on bed and sorroundings

but what i'm saying is the sensory organs don't work in the time of sleeping.So,the signal sent to brain is an unknown signal

but the signal is sent what to do?

so brain randomly pics up a memory.Sometimes the memory may be something which is preoccupied in the brain before sleeping.

because the brain still works on it

sometimes it may be something that you have forcefully stopped before in your life.The brain stopped it abruptly so it performs all possible

operations on it so you have a dream.Many people use to find solutions to the unsolved problems which they thought were difficult,

when they are awake.the type of dream generally depens on your mood before someone is asleep.If you sleep in a happy mood

the brain correlates the happy mood to which you feel the same way in the past and processes it so that you can have avery happy dream.

the same thing happens for bad dreams

Some people have bad dreams eventhough they were happy throughout the day,this is because of the body problems like indigestion

or something.the excessive or less secretion of pancreatic juice or some other problems may do this.

bacause evrything is connected to spinal cord and spinal cord is connected to brain.So these signals given by the spinal cord impacts

the dream.For,this condition the memory selection may be random and nobody can tell about it.

Some people have very concious brain when ever the brain is working on something in dreams they become concious and

try to play with the dream this is semi-sleep state where someone is neither completely sleepy nor awake.These are called Lucid dreams.

In this page i am giving this overview and can't completely explain it but if anybody interested contact me through my email id undertaker.the963@gmail.com

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Well..scientist don't seem to be able to come to a consensus as to why we dream and whether they perform any viable functions.

It does seem to be true that while sleeping, the brain is processing information taken in during the day but the real clincher is that these memories are influenced by our emotional responses to them hence the sometimes weird dreams.

I think too that if there is an illness brewing in the body, for example,the brain will relay that in the form of some weird dream. It's happened to me and I am sure it has happened to others.

It is said that if one practices on becoming aware when one is dreaming, one can influence it.

sensory organs don't work in the time of sleeping

Actually they do else you wouldn't wake up to your alarm clock (unless you're a REALLY heavy sleeper)

I've woken up to headaches or leg cramps, been woken by loud noises outside such as a thunderstorm so yes, certain sensory organs do function albeit not in the same manner as when one is awake.

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After reading a bit on the chemical DMT recently I can guess that dreams are caused by this chemical being released by the pineal gland. There are people who have taken this substance (somehow dubbed an illegal drug) and have described it as a way to see mental barriers an underlying issues in their mind and help fix them. So with that I believe dreams are simply a psychological way for your body initiates to prepare you or to help you cope/understand. As well as reveal suppressed thoughts or subconscious thoughts.

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