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Mr. Sister Elle Sade Ai Ni

Shadow Love Triangle

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you always knew the score

kept good time

when acting as lookout

for the crime

the moment they said it

you'd regret it

letting out the secret

you swore to keep

it's not easy to make new friends

by next week

oh mary sue

you were her only friend

you don't have many more yourself

she will know you said it

she told no one else

she must be devastated

don't lie

you're only thinking of yourself

who next to accept your pretty picture?

the boy next door?

i can't or won't

you smiled and recounted the knife

sliding out your ex-besties back

turned to me with that look in your eye

i'll keep your secrets, your lies

but won't believe in them

in love with fiction

knowing we write what we want to believe

until we no longer run from shadows

in total darkness they don't exist

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oooooo, bonny and clyde! good stuff

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