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Mr. Sister Elle Sade Ai Ni

La Llorona cries for all the abortions

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Mr. Sister Elle Sade Ai Ni

don't play by the river

you're going to be scarred for life

a ghost from my childhood

had no face

she'd only be crying

for her lost children

are we lost?

run fast, don't be last

she scratches eyes out

it's not what they look like

but what they have done

taken them when young

no one knows where they went

don't go play on the roof

no one's there to protect

she has wings and flies

was the baby an accident?

does accident mean mistake?

and can it be that easily erased?

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It is true. Women are not always counseled on the aftereffects of abortion. Many are also forced into getting rid of their child...families may not understand either. Flesh of flesh of the mother, that is what a child is, made up of the tissue of their mothers. I have talked with many women who have had abortions over 40 years ago and are still dealing with the outcome. I have only sorrow for them, and hope for their healing. In the future, hopefully, when we are studied, things will be different and those who study us will be appalled at our disregard for the rights of the unborn. Now, we don't have that, but like other rights for human beings, this right will also come.....though I believe it will have to start from the bottom up, it has to come from the people who want to do the right and humane thing, from men who want to be real men, from parents who think more of their child’s well being that what others will think..



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