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Producing the art of the mind

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In one minute, I bet some of you can think of several great pieces of art in your mind you have just conjured up from simple thought and inspiration. But could you draw, paint or create them in a way for everyone to see? Do you have the time to sacrifice to do it either?

Just like artists try to draw what they see in that aspect in their mind when they are drawing inspired images.

I am void of great artistic talent, my skills lean towards painting in the areas that should be painted in between the lines and very small adaptions to that. But what got me thinking is what if we could somehow produce these works of art we think of and project it for everyone else to see without having to create it?

I'm not suggesting that it would detract the values of paintings and the like but would offer a new type of expression. If we could create something capable of scanning the mind and gathering an image you think of and allowing you to convert it to digital format.

What is everyone's thought on this?

I understand that what I am proclaiming here is beyond our current capabilities but I would like those to hypothesise the situation.

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