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The National Voter Qualification Test

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Republicans have been concerned about voter fraud. A far more dangerous threat to our democracy is voter ignorance. Maybe it’s time for a poll test to assure that voters know a little about the issues that say they care about.

Let’s give it a whirl.

OK, everyone got a number two pencil ready? Begin.

1) If deregulation, tax cuts for the rich, and easy money caused the Great Recession, the fix is:

a) Regulate Wall Street and big banks, repeal the tax cuts for the rich, and institute standards for credit and loans that mitigate risk.

b)More deregulation, more tax cuts for the rich, and less market intervention.

c) I hate big Gubmint



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It is all c, now go to your room and write that 100 times!

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I notice on the OP link that only stupid things that Bush did, or Romney proposes are in the "Stupid" choice. Such as the Unfunded Prescription Act Bush signed, and restarting/maintaining the Iraq War. Because it is Obama who has kept us in Afghanistan, and who signed the unfunded Obamacare.

4) If : first, the US’s stimulus program saved or created some 3.5 million jobs, and second, countries like Germany, China and Brazil -- where government is a full partner with the private sector -- have lost fewer jobs and maintained a stronger economy than countries where government doesn’t do these things, then:

I think they should put Greece, Portugal, Spain and Italy in there instead of Germany, China and Brazil. They specifically cherry picked nations that are doing well. Nations that are doing well due to Exports, and thus doing well on the shoulders of those nations that are doing badly. I might have missed it, but aren't the governments of Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy and Ireland all partners with the Private sector?? But, they are doing much, much worse then the US... so let's not use them in our example... m'kay?

Article is pure political propaganda. Not that many points are not correct in how to deal with the issues, but the undertone spin is pure politics.

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