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Mr. Sister Elle Sade Ai Ni

Meet you across the galaxy

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The greying sky bleeds onto the side of a building whose eastern face has long forgotten the sun. Shadows cast on brick walls seem to be thicker, the ones that follow me grow stronger, this, the most welcomed night of the year, could already be found in these corners and pockets where daylight first abandons the city, and where another soul cannot be found, daylight abandons humanity itself.

In the middle of the urban core scores of cars quickly flash pass the road at the end of the alley; no one looks. Light downtown foot traffic, a few children run pass, chained hand-in-hand, their free hands holding onto bags of candy, not even they pause to look down the alley.

meet you across the galaxy

i'm already falling

passing everyone by

you keep telling me

there's bound to be bottom

i'm an eternal wanderer

cast without anchor

in orbit i'll find

intersection with yours

according to calculations

even if in the eleventh hour...

to enjoy it as the first

i thirst for you

eyes drink you in

with a heart to digest

your idle form

it won't be just like this

our boring routine

thursday's ordinary

day after a holiday

exactly how i want to remember...

reliving two days of november

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