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My cat's double in dream

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So for a while now in my dreams it seem's like whenever I have a dream about my cat Keiko :) there's always another cat just like her,Identical in every way except there's always something that stand's out about it like the behaviour of the cat would be total opposite of what my cat is. The opppsite cat would be bad,not behave like Keiko for example being playful or "talkative" my cat speaks meow language a lot lol or trying to fetch (yes,my kitty fetches).

However,this cat didn't so I knew it wasn't my Keiko it would behave bad by doing things like trying to replace Keiko and leave her outside while this new cat was with me inside...or things breaking in the house,the lights being dim and I cannot turn them on higher.

Weird dream's I sometime's have anyways I just wanted to post this,I don't really think it could mean anything but who know's lol.

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