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Seeking out spirits at Woodland Opera House

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On Friday October 19, News10 followed along with the paranormal investigation team at California Haunts to seek out evidence of the afterlife at the Woodland Opera House.

The Opera House, wedged between Main St. and Dead Cat Alley, was rebuilt after a massive fire destroyed the original structure, as well much of what is now Historic Woodland in July 1892.

William Porter, a volunteer firefighter in woodland was one of the many who responded to the massive blaze. Unfortunately for Porter, he was dowsing the flames at the original Woodland Opera House when the building crumbled on top of him, killing him in the process. Ever since, Porter's presence has been seen, felt, and even smelled in the building when random odors of smoke arise, then fade away just as quickly.

But Porter's spirit is not the only one rumored to haunt the theater. Since the building's restoration, companies of traveling actors regularly passed through the little town, performing brief engagements before moving on to the next town. But one actress known as Helena Modjeska, is said to have stuck around the classic building long after her final curtain call.

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