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None of the above

Curiosity Rover finds no methane on mars

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Yeah but you know only that.. We're all limited to only that, that organisms on earth contain methane particles, they adapted, evolved to our athmosphere and air composition... Not every planet out there has the same properties than ours...

We only know what we CAN know, we are very limited since we haven't found any other lifeform to compare their biological structure to ours.

I agree with this statement

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Does ALL microbial life release methane?

I don't know, just wondering.

Methanogens produce methane, the ones that live in the gut, but Methanotroph's metabolise methane as their only source of energy.

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Curiosity killed the cat.

What the hell the cat was doing on mars in the first place I have no idea.

Thanks to Boon for my new Avatar. The first time I have ever changed it.

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