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Big Earthquake Hit Indo-Aust Plate, Nov 2012

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Big Eathquake will Hit Sumatra, is it true?

Indonesian National Disaster Management Agency, Now standby anticipation of the occurrence of an earthquake with the potential for great power megathrust in Sumatra, especially in West Sumatra.

Based on the results of geological research scientist, the spotlight is on the megathrust Siberut Mentawai islands will happen magnitude 8.9 earthquake (felt 10 minutes) and a potential tsunami and impact on other countries.

If true this happens, the earthquake and tsunami threatens the population of West Sumatra which reached 1.6 million.

Earthquake potentially occur due to the presence of energy Indo-Australian plate that has not been released in the region. Energy has been released earlier in Aceh to Lampung region. Yet despite the great energy that could be a time bomb for West Sumatra.

Previously, potential earthquake in West Sumatra also expressed the Special Staff of the President of the Office of Social Assistance and Disaster. As one disaster to watch out for in 2012.

Countless of the number of casualties and material losses caused by the earthquake of Sumatra. The most phenomenal is the earthquake and tsunami in Aceh in 2004, which killed hundreds of thousands of lives and massive tsunami to various countries.

Sumatra Earthquake allegedly not alone. Magnitude 8.5 magnitude earthquake that rocked the west coast of Sumatra, Wednesday, April 11, 2012, has sparked a number of earthquakes along the west coast of North America. But researchers are not sure whether all of the quake was related. if an earthquake on the west coast of North America related to the Sumatran quake, it is not exceptional.

Earthquake can trigger other earthquakes in two ways.

First, one would put pressure on the earthquake fault nearby, triggered deformation of the earth's crust and cause the appearance of another earthquake. This mechanism is limited to an area close to the original quake.

Second, the earthquake at one location also send vibrations through the earth's surface to the location at a greater distance. Disruption of the Sumatra earthquake two days ago, for example, detect seismic monitoring stations in the United States. Sumatra earthquake vibration may not damage the earth's crust, but the researchers are still open to the possibility that the quake could trigger small earthquakes in other regions.


I just read on a blog:

:skEarthquake Prediction for Sumatra 2012

that in the month of November 2012, it will happen again the massive earthquake hit Sumatra.

Is there any more information about the earthquake that will occur in Sumatra? Please share the information.



Here are 8 great earthquake in Sumatra:

1, Indian Ocean Earthquake, December 26, 2004. SR 9.1-9.3 magnitude. Quake was terdahsyat earthquake that occurred in the past 40 years. Some areas of the earthquake-affected areas, is Aceh, North Sumatra, West Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand, East Coast of India, Sri Lanka, to the East Coast of Africa. The earthquake resulted in tsunami caused 230,000 people were killed in 8 countries. Tsunami waves as high as 30 meters. This is the biggest disaster in the history of death.

2, the Sumatra Earthquake, 25 November 1833. The power of 8.8-9.2 magnitude earthquake. destroy the southwestern coast of Sumatra Pariaman to Bengkulu.

3, the Sumatra Earthquake, Wednesday, April 11, 2012. With the power of 8.9 occurred at 2:31 SR-North latitude and 92.67 east longitude, the impact is felt by Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka

4, Sumatra Earthquake, March 28, 2005. 8.7 magnitude earthquake strength. Earthquake center is 2 04 '35? N 97 00 '58? T, 30 km below the surface of the Indian Ocean, 200 km west of Sibolga, Sumatra or 1400 km northwest of Jakarta.

5, Sumatra Earthquake February 16, 1861, a magnitude 8.5 SR. The earthquake caused a tsunami of killing thousands of people ..

6, Sumatra Earthquake, 1979, a magnitude 8.4 SR. The earthquake was in the series of large earthquakes that ruptured part of Sumatra segment of the Sunda megathrust. This led to a very destructive tsunami near the Padang, where a 150-200 ton English ship driven 1 km inland up the river Arau.

7 Earthquake Bengkulu, Sumatra, 12 September 2007, with the power of 7.9 SR.

8, Sumatra Earthquake, 30 September 2009, with a strength of 6.7 SR. This earthquake struck off the coast of Sumatra, about 50 km northwest of Padang. The earthquake caused severe damage in some areas of West Sumatra. According to data Satkorlak PB, at least 1,117 people died in this earthquake spread across 3 cities and 4 districts in West Sumatra, heavy and light injuries reached 4,000 people. As many as 135,448 homes were destroyed, 65,380 houses were damaged, and 78,604 houses were slightly damaged.

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Simbi Laveau

There are always predictions ,but they are not always correct . Try not to worry about it too much

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