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Falun Gong leader who can fly, pleads guilty

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He is anti-gay and teaches that homosexuals will be "eliminated" by "the gods."

He preaches that children from multicultural unions have lost their roots and will never be recognized as a human race.

If you challenge his teachings or question his beliefs you will be repeatedly subjected to personal attacks, threats of litigation and frivolous lawsuits by his followers.

The Falun Gong or Falun Dafa movement which claims to be a non-political meditative practise is outlawed by China, which describes it as a cult whose leaders have caused the deaths of many of its followers and collected tens of millions of dollars worldwide.

While the movement claims it has no structural hierarchy, Falun Gong websites state it has gathered over 100 million followers since its inception in 1992 by Li Hongzhi — a former trumpet-player from northeast China who is known as “Living Buddha” to his devotees and an evil charlatan to his critics.

The reclusive Li — who has been variously described as an anti-Chinese doomsday cult leader, head of a sinister organization and a spiritual master - apparently also can fly, believes that Africa has a two billion-year-old nuclear reactor, and that aliens who look human but have “a nose made of bone” invaded Earth to introduce modern technology.

In Li’s world view, mixed-race people are part of a plot, contrived by the evil extraterrestrials. "By mixing the races of humans, the aliens make humans cast off gods," he told a gathering in Switzerland in 1998.

"Mixed races" are supposedly excluded from the "truth" and "have lost their roots, as if nobody in the paradise will take care of them. They belong to nowhere, and no places would accept them . . . the higher levels do not recognize such a human race."

According to Mr. Li, the offspring of mixed race unions are therefore "intellectually incomplete" or "with an incomplete body." In such cases, only he, Master Li, can help and "take care of it" (i.e. resolve the "incomplete" state). However, that can be done only if "such a person wants to practice cultivation."

Li Hongzhi also encourages hatred of homosexuals. "The disgusting homosexuality shows the dirty abnormal psychology of the gay who has lost his ability of reasoning at the present time," Li Hongzhi wrote in Volume II of Zhuan Falun, or Turning the Law Wheel, which was translated into English in 1996.

In his talk in Switzerland, Li Hongzhi also stated that gay people would be "eliminated" by "the gods." Asked in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1998 whether gays could practice Falun Gong, Mr. Li answered, "You can cultivate, but you must give up the bad conduct."

Earlier this year, Canada’s Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, Mary Dawson, warned MPs not to accept tickets to a Las Vegas-style show being staged across the country by the Falun Gong group.

She believes that the free tickets being offered for the Shen Yun show by the Falun Dafa Association of Canada and its affiliates maybe an attempt by the group to influence Canadian politicians.

Now, some critics including disclose that Li Hongzhi, the guy who can fly, pleads guilty in U.S.

On February 27, 2006, Falun Gong leader Li Hongzhi was accused of a crime of not tying the safety belt during driving. The case was accepted by New Mexico Courts. Li Hongzhi got his second charge because of failing to appear in Court. On April 17, 2006, Li Hongzhi entered plea of guilty and paid all fines and costs of all obligations met.

The official website of New Mexico Courts ( ) shows that the defendant Li Hongzhi, was born on May 13, 1951, the registration kinship are Sandy R Li (Li’s wife) and Annie M Leigh (Li’s daughter), and the case number is M-40-TR-200600477.

The case details are as follows:

On March 1, 2006, the Court accepted the case, a summons No. C-45847704 was sent out for the defendant was not wearing seatbelt, requiring the defendant for court appearance on March 10.

On March 3, the judge CALVIN LUCERO said the defendant had requested telephone hearing for not guilty plea, and advised it was up to the judge.

On March 9, the Court confirmed the hearing time 3:45 pm of March 31.

On March 31, the defendant failed to appear in Court, judge CALVIN LUCERO send another summons numbered C-46579413 to the defendant.

On April 5, a bench Warrant for failure to appear was issued by Thorsen Sheila.

On April 6, a criminal summons 9CS-00721 was issued by the Court, and the trial was postponed to 10:00 am on April 20.

On April 12, the defendant made plea of guilty to all charges with judge CALVIN LUCERO by telephone.

On April 17, 2006, Li Hongzhi entered plea of guilty, and paid all fines and costs of all obligations met.

Previously, once disclosed that Li Hongzhi was punished in the United States for traffic crime in June 2008, at that time Li Hongzhi was punished by Smith County Court, Virginia State, for speeding.

the following is the complete record number and the file number of Li Hongzhi’s case

Name: Hongzhi Li

Birthdate: 5/13/1951

Offense: Failure To Obey Notice To Appear

Offense Date: 3/31/2006

Offense: Failure To Use Safety Belts

Offense Date: 2/27/2006

Location: New Mexico

Court: Criminal Court

Case Number: M-40-TR-200600477

Offender IDNB: 7063635290237218338M-40-TR-20060047720060301

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Welcome to UM, bluehawk. :yes:

Much interesting stuff here on the forums.

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Interesting to see "the other side of the story" when it comes to Falun Gong, they just call themselves victims but it looks like that although they may be being victimised they are still less then saintly.

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There always two sides to every story, ay least two.

Here's the Falun Gong newspaper. Take a look and decide for yourself whether they are "anti-Chinese" or simply "anti-Communist.

The Chinese Communist government has waged an intense war (persecution) against Falun Gong for many years.

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I am stunned why you would cut and paste and then post an article directly from a notorious Chinese communist party propaganda website that solely attacks Falun Gong.

It is a well-known fact that propaganda is the largest weapon in every genocide in our history from Hitler’s elimination of the Jews in WW2 to the slaughter of the Tutsis is Rwanda, etc.

The "research” from this article is completely one sided and based on old propaganda created by the communist party (CCP) to eradicate Falun Gong. A true researcher or reporter would look into all avenues of information and not just CCP derived info that has been proven lies and propaganda.

To prove the point, in 2007 Amnesty International brought the concern to light that the Chinese Communist Party has used a massive propaganda campaign to vilify those who practice Falun Gong in China and overseas. The aim is to rally public support for the crackdown, dehumanize the victims of abuse, and justify the inhumane measures taken against them. In an urgent action bulletin they stated: “Amnesty International has raised concerns that the official campaign of public vilification of Falun Gong in the official Chinese press has created a climate of hatred against Falun Gong practitioners in China which may be encouraging acts of violence against them.”

Regarding Falun Gong The CCP is responsible for the torture and deaths of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners.

The practice began in China in 1992 where it was supported and awarded by the communist party for the health benefits it brought to the Chinese people. Unfortunately, experts say that its wide spread popularity and the fact that it was not government controlled caused the then-Chinese leader Jiang Zemin to order it "eradicated.”

How is this any different to what the Chinese regime does to the Tibetans, or the Uyghur’s, or to the Christians who choose to swear allegiance to the Pope rather than to the Chinese state? In China today the ONLY allowed religions and spiritual practices allowed are those controlled by the communist party. Everyone else is branded a "heretical organization" or a "cult" and is persecuted.

For over ten years nearly every human rights organization in the world has reported on the persecution, torture, and death of Falun Gong practitioners. In 2008 the United Nations Special Rapporteurs on torture stated: “[We] are concerned that reports of arrest, torture, sexual violence, deaths, and unfair trials of Falun Gong practitioners, may reflect a deliberate policy to target Falun Gong…The cruelty and brutality of these alleged acts of violence defy description”

Recent investigations also uncover that over 40,000 Falun Gong adherents locked in China’s prison system may have been killed for their vital organs which were then sold to foreign organ tourists by the Chinese regime.

The reality is Falun Gong has been practiced out side of China since 1994 in over 100 countries around the world and in all of these places not ONE act of violence or illegal activity has been reported anywhere.

Regardless of what Falun Gong may believe or not, its practitioners have never once resorted to violence to stop the inhumane persecution against them. Instead they try to reach the minds and hearts of onlookers in an attempt to stop these onlookers from siding with an evil force that will brainwash them to also hate innocent people or to think that these Falun Gong people deserve what is happening to them.

In 2006 Australian Chinese Embassy official Mr. Chen Yonglin defected and exposed reason for the persecution and its ongoing campaign. He stated, “The Chinese Communist Party has always relied on violence, lies, and advocating atheism to maintain its power. They could not understand Falun Gong practitioners’ peaceful efforts to protect their freedom of belief. Now they feel they cannot let international community know about what has been done to Falun Gong in China.”

Today the CCP is responsible for terrible crimes against Falun Gong practitioners and their main goal is to cover up all evidence of these crimes. Again, they do this by using hate propaganda to vilify those who practice Falun Gong in China and overseas. The aim is to have the international community think controversial thoughts about Falun Gong so that they will turn their backs on the persecution and allow the attack to continue unabated.

Falun Gong has done nothing wrong to deserve what has happened to them, regardless of what they may believe. They have simply tried to raise awareness of the real issue happening in China in order to protect their freedom of belief and protect their heritage and culture of spirituality from a disgusting corrupt regime.

I feel it is important to realize that spreading articles like this aids in the persecution of innocent people where the spreader becomes a mouthpiece for a time tested murderous communist regime.

Edited by JRC
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